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For painting inspiration to personalize a new space or enliven an old one, turn to some of this year’s top trends. We’re seeing bold and beautiful color palettes that add just the right pop to minimalist décor. Others stand out by bringing luxurious jewel tones to an already plush setting.

Sultry shades that create intrigue top out the 2018 color trends. Pastels done in an ultra-modern way leave out any doubt that pinks and pale greens can be luxurious.

This year’s trendy color palettes for interiors make statements. They offer fresh alternatives to stale hues, and they spice up spaces.

Here are some of our favorites:

Deep Turquoise and Sapphire Blue

Infuse a moody tone into a living room, bedroom or even kitchen with deep turquoise and sapphire blue. These hues leave a definitive mark when showcased on a sofa or side chair, and even on wallpaper. Partner dark turquoise and sapphire blue with natural wood tones as well as gold to create a dramatic look that can be either elegant or contemporary.

Metallics as Neutrals

Swap out your wood tones for gold, copper and silver. Metallics are the new neutral and no longer the dramatic focal point of a room. In 2018, expect to see interior designers using metallics as go-to colors for ceiling paper, furniture and accessories.

Dark Plum

Go bold in a regal way with dark plum. This hue offers drama and luxury, especially in a dining room, living room, or foyer. But kitchens can be a surprisingly perfect fit for plum too. Chairs, walls, cabinets, and even tile or a door in dark plum offer intensity without brazenness.

Fall Hues Year Round

“Autumn Maple” is one of Pantone’s top shades for, you guessed it, autumn. It’s warm and gorgeous year round though. Similarly, burnt orange spices up spaces like kitchens and dens. Look to fall hues if you want to bring the feel of rustic surroundings indoors.


There’s so much to love about black-on-black rooms and blacks as neutrals this year. Sexy and sleek, black compliments nearly any color or design theme. Paint your walls and built-in bookshelves various shades of black. Go with black floors and furniture. Just include at least a little bit of black to bring some drama to your space.

Stone White

The Parisians know that painting walls just the right shade of white brightens a space lacking sunlight. Mimic the sun and light up the rooms in your French or Spanish-style home, or in your American modern or classic house. Stone white is a perfect white to make it feel like you have yards of windows when you don’t. This shade goes with any color scheme: mustard yellow and navy, delicate pink and soft grey, anything.

Minimalist Pastels

Bring a touch of softness to a modern space with minimalist pastels. Washed colors like mint green and pale pink look far from cutesy when treated with an eye toward simplicity. Keep the idea “less is more” in mind when decorating with pastels, and pair them with clean lines and shiny accents to achieve contemporary luxury instead of a child-like appearance.


Nature and man know what beauty is. Ash-colored walls create a natural rock or industrial concrete look that works well with formal and casual interior design. This light and airy color leaves spaces feeling open, and it’s a great neutral to go with shades of white, black, orange, and even gold.

Vibrant Yellows and Greens

Ready to bring joy into your home? Place vibrant yellows and greens in places you might not normally, so you can feed off of their energies. Playful yellows and greens give a formal dining room a social and convivial feel. Carry these hues into other areas of your home like sunrooms and guest rooms, on the wallpaper, furniture and walls.


For painting inspiration that’s on-trend, you can’t get much more precise than Pantone’s 2017 color of the year. Greenery “bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with assurance,” to “rejuvenate” and to “revitalize,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. Whether you live in the city, country or suburbs, this apple-green hue offers connection to “nature, one another and a larger purpose,” she adds.

Through colors like Greenery and other shades trending this year, we find energy, connection and meaning, so it’s great to find painting inspirations and design trends that provide us with what we need at any given time – even if that means altering our space each season or year.

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