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22 23 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� over jasmine rice,” you won’t want to miss a dish. COOK UNITY SMALL BATCH MEALS Cook Unity is already making a splash in the gourmet at-home meal kit industry. The founders loved the idea of supporting local culinary scenes, so they formed partnerships with Michelin-starred chefs and other food innovators in your city to bring extraordinary gourmet meals to your door. The kits use fresh, sustainablysourced ingredients, and the service is constantly adding new recipes, so you’ll never get bored. The chef collective also considers dietary preferences as they are developing their offerings. Whether you are following the Whole30 diet, need lowsodium options, or want dairy-free dishes, you have meals from award-winning kitchens to support you. If you are into your local food scene, you’ll also love knowing which chef was behind the recipe and what the inspiration was. Whether you want to try the “Brisket Kefta with Roasted Leeks, Purple Sweet Potato” by chef Timothy Brice or the “Lentil Bolognese with Brown Rice Pasta” by Anne Thornton, you have the opportunity to learn more about the dish’s development and the macronutrient ratios behind your choices. BLUE APRON SERVICE Named “Best for Wine-Lovers,” Blue Apron continues to impress Food & Wine. The magazine reports: “The original meal kit delivery service, Blue Apron is a fan favorite for its consistent quality and clearly written chef-developed recipes. Everything comes pre-portioned for speedy prep, and all recipes are six steps and under.” This makes it ideal for anyone who enjoys home-cooked gourmet dishes (like their “seared scallops and mushroom risotto with chocolate-pistachio truffles”), but doesn’t want something too complicated after a long day of work. Of course, one of the ways Blue Apron distinguishes itself is with its wine pairings. The magazine reveals: “Blue Apron even offers its own wine program… It works directly with vineyards to select reds and whites that complement Blue Apron’s recipes, sending three 500-milliliter bottles with each delivery—the perfect amount for two people to share over a freshly prepared meal.” GOBBLE MEAL KITS Food & Wine and Parents magazines agree that Gobble is the way to go for quick, elevated meals. Food & Wine applauds: “This meal delivery service ships ingredients that are already peeled, chopped, measured, and marinated, so you can cook a fresh homemade meal in 15 minutes or less.” They love the chefdesigned gourmet menus, and that “quick” doesn’t mean skimping on taste – as their “Burmese shredded chicken with coconut rice and Burmese-style salad” and “Louisiana-style shrimp with white cheddar grits” confirm. Parents magazine loves the idea of being able to choose “Lean and Clean” plans that focus on “dishes with lean proteins and healthy fats,” as well as Classic meals that are “a little less calorie focused and a little more gourmet.” What is one of their favorite gourmet entrees? “Casareccia Pasta With Herb Truffle Buttered Mushrooms and Butternut Squash” is just one dish that had editors raving. Yum!