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1 bhgrecollection.com | bhgrecollection.com V O L U M E 1 3 DISTINCTIVE LIFE® THE HIDDEN KITCHEN PANTRY IDEAS If you’re building a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one, consider incorporating storage discreetly into your design. Professional auction houses simplify the process of parting with furniture, art, collectibles, antiques, and more. HOW DO AUCTION HOUSES WORK?

2 3 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT GINGER WILCOX LUXURY PROPERTIES TOP 6 LUXURY DUDE RANCHES IN THE UNITED STATES Experience life on the ranch, in style. This popular vacation trend creates unforgettable experiences for sophisticated cowboys and cowgirls. LUXURY EXPEDITION CRUISES The best cruises to the Galápagos Islands, Antarctica, and more. TIDE-TO-TABLE CUISINE: RESTAURANTS AND RECIPES Food trends come and go, but there tends to be a theme among those that stick around. CUSTOM WINE CELLAR IDEAS TO SPARK CONVERSATION A great wine cellar can be a party saver and a conversation starter. PADEL TENNIS 101: RULES AND HOW TO PLAY Padel is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, played by roughly 25 million people across the globe. SELLING HIGH-VALUE ITEMS: HOW DO AUCTION HOUSES WORK? Professional auction houses simplify the process of parting with furniture, art, collectibles, antiques, and more. Tide-to-Table Cuisine: Restaurants and Recipes p.6 Custom Wine Cellar Ideas to Spark Conversation p.30 The Best Cruises to the Galápagos Islands, Antarctica, and More p.48 CONTENTS Gourmet Cuisine Life & Leisure Interior Design Featured Listings Travel 6 p.4 p.6 SURPRISE STORAGE HIDDEN KITCHEN PANTRY IDEAS If you’re building a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one, consider incorporating storage discreetly into your design. p.36 p.54 p.42 p.48 p.12 p.30 p.18 p.24 WHY YOU NEED A PERSONAL CHEF AND HOW TO HIRE ONE Taking on a culinary helper could be one of the best decisions you’ll make. How Do Auction Houses Work? p.24 24 30 48

4 5 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 s we step into an exciting new year, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is here to offer inspiration for home, travel, food, and luxury lifestyle— starting with Volume 13 of The Distinctive Life. Each page shares fresh ideas to lead you toward the life of your dreams. Beginning with suggestions for your next vacation… Flip to page 42 to live your best Yellowstone life on a luxury dude ranch, complete with horseback riding, fishing, and cuisine straight off the land. We reveal the best ranch resorts with first-class amenities in the United States. And while we’re on the topic of outdoor activities, be sure to read our feature on padel tennis, the sport that’s taking over the nation. I quite enjoyed learning the essentials – from the court to the rules – and how it uniquely differs from tennis. For the culinary enthusiasts, we explore the benefits of employing a personal chef. Not only for saving time and customizingmenus but also for creating unforgettable family memories. Speaking of practicalities, have you ever considered designing a customwine cellar? We cover everything frommaintaining the right temperature and humidity to design tips, making it easy for any wine enthusiast to create their ideal storage space. Let The Distinctive Life guide you through the simple joys and refined pleasures of living well. Whether it's embarking on family adventures, transforming your living spaces, or mastering new skills, we're dedicated to connecting you with your dreamhome and supporting your real estate journey. Distinctly yours, GINGER WILCOX President Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate A letter from the President GINGERWILCOX Distinctive Collection by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® offers the service and market experience you would expect from a brand whose legacy was built upon a passion for the home. Let us help you find or sell yours. Sign up for the Distinctive Collection Newsletter and receive a FREE Luxury Staging Guide bhgrecollection.com/blog/subscribe ©2023 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC (“BHGRE”). All Rights Reserved. Better Homes and Gardens®, Distinctive Collection by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate®, and the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate logo are registered service marks owned by Meredith Operations Corporation and licensed to BHGRE. BHGRE fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each office is independently owned and operated.

6 7 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 GOURMET CU ISI NE tide-to-table cuisine: RESTAURANTS ANDRECIPES Food trends come and go, but there tends to be a theme among those that stick around. Or continue to come back around. The farm-to-table movement is such an example, connecting new generations with locally sourced ingredients' simplicity, beauty, and flavor. Tide-to-table is now catching on in that vein, or instead, resurfacing as a way to appreciate the gifts we’ve been given for our culinary pleasure.

8 9 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 WHAT IS TIDE TO TABLE? Tide to table, also called aquaculture, is a farming method and fast-growing segment of the world’s food production and consumption system. It includes the harvesting of seafood and shellfish in the open ocean and coastal waters, in carefully controlled farms. In the United States alone, aquaculture farms have grown and raised more than 80 million pounds of oysters, mussels, clams, and lobster in addition to the once-againpopular geoduck and sea cucumber. Because skyrocketing demand for fresh seafood in coastal communities, chic inland metropolises, and tourist epicenters has the potential to throw off delicate marine ecosystem balances, sustainable aquaculture makes sense. In Hawaii, for example, the highly oxygenated waters surrounding the islands are perfect for tide-to-table farming. Here, aquaculture farmers manage open-ocean growing pens with great respect for local culture, wildlife, and consumer health. These farms seem to be the eco-friendly answer many of today’s top chefs are looking for when considering seafood for their culinary creations. With increased interest in where our food comes from, how farmers grow it, and the process that gets it to our table, aquaculture will likely inspire menus in restaurants and at home for years to come. WHAT DOES A TIDE-TO-TABLE MENU LOOK LIKE? A typical tide-to-table menu includes inspired dishes prepared with ingredients sourced by local aquaculture farmers. However, some eateries embracing this trend depend on daily shipments of fresh seafood and crustaceans from fishermen and aquaculture farmers all over the world. Lobster roll bao, macadamia nut-crusted kanpachi, and shellfish in a tomato-based stew are just a few of the delicacies that await the recipient of a fresh tide-to-tablemeal. Whether you want to experience the fruits of aquaculture dining in a restaurant or on your table at home, there are many ways to dive in. TOP TIDE-TO-TABLE RESTAURANTS IN THE U.S. The top tide-to-table restaurants in the U.S. bring fresh fare from our country’s coasts directly in front of discerning diners in the form of raw oyster bars, choose-your-ownlobster tanks, and comfort food seafood classics with a twist. GOURMET CU ISI NE

10 11 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 FOUR MARLINS OCEANFRONT DINING KEY WEST, FLORIDA Located at The Reach Resort in Key West, Florida, Four Marlins Oceanfront Dining is a modern take on a tropical fishing lodge. It serves fresh-caught seafood and various delectable dishes sourced from local aquaculture and land-based farms. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, weekend brunch, and dinner in a waterfront setting or poolside. Standout menu items at Four Marlins include oysters on the half shell, lobster mac ’n cheese, mango tuna tartare, and local shrimp ceviche. GOURMET CU ISI NE BAHIA BEACH HOUSE & SURF BAR ATLANTIC BEACH, NORTH CAROLINA Bahia Beach House & Surf Bar sits in the heart of Atlantic Beach, steps from the boardwalk and sand. It features a cool vibe and ‘intuitive’ cuisine sourced locally and sustainably from nearby aqua and terra farms. Using Baja and Mediterranean fare as a guide, Bahia Beach House & Surf bar specialties include spicy shrimp tacos, a surf bar fish burger, oysters Oaxafeller, and crab croquettes. PIER 6 SEAFOOD AND OYSTER HOUSE SAN LEON, TEXAS Exquisite waterfront views meet fresh gulf cuisine at Pier 6 Seafood and Oyster House, a scenic eatery on Galveston Bay in San Leon, Texas. This tide-to-table restaurant offers a lively culinary experience with indoor and outdoor seating, all in an Instagram-worthy setting. Gaze at the waters that sourced your seafood as you indulge in a fried oyster sandwich, shrimp hushpuppy, or lobster Benedict.

12 13 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 GOURMET CU ISI NE why you need a personal chef ANDHOWTO HIREONE There was a time when a personal chef was a luxury afforded only to presidents and royalty. These days many high-worth individuals have discovered the multitude of benefits that come along with employing a private chef including creating memorable feasts for you, your family, and guests.

14 15 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 Personal chefs serve many purposes and answer a variety of questions. They fill in the gaps when we’re trying to delight guests with decadent dishes on a regular basis. Personal chefs solve the problem of providing healthy meals for a family while on an extended vacation in areas that might lack these restaurant options. Whether you entertain often or want to enjoy long trips without having to go to the grocery store every day, a personal chef could be your meal-prepping and planning solution. REASONS YOU SHOULD HIRE A PERSONAL CHEF There are many reasons to hire a personal chef, from time-saving to life-changing. No matter your reason for considering one, your chef should be an intimate companion in your kitchen. The best personal chefs lighten your load and help prepare for important gatherings, festive celebrations, and prolonged dietary needs, among other food-focused tasks. SAVE TIME Time is a precious currency. We often spend it worrying about ingredients, menus, and how a meal will come together. Or fumbling through all of that. When you hire a personal chef, you can save your time for connecting with guests and family, choosing conversation and laughter instead of stress and fatigue. Why labor over a cookbook or stove when you can delegate those responsibilities to your chef? Why take hours searching for restaurants online when a personal chef can whip up a gourmet meal in 30 minutes? CREATE MEMORIES Personal chefs help you turn a dinner party, anniversary, birthday, or other occasion into a memorable experience. They produce fare meant to impress, with unforgettable details stimulating all the senses. You get to sit back and mingle and make merry, taking in the entirety of the delicious meal with your guests. When was the last time you did that? Have you ever tried to put together an Instagram-worthy spread? Instead of scouring post after post for inspiration, leave it to a personal chef. Are you hosting a crowd for a fundraiser or holiday? Those events are what the experts throw their skills and passions into. CUSTOMIZE MENUS Do you have a family member who needs vegan, vegetarian, or other specialized meals? Assign the customization to a personal chef. Want to add more protein or reduce the carbs in your daily dishes? Task that to your chef as well. The ability to customize menus on a whim or for the long term, and the flexibility afforded when feeding large groups with diverse dietary needs, make having a personal chef a game changer. GOURMET CU ISI NE

16 17 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 HOW TO HIRE A PERSONAL CHEF Personal chefs are ideal for families with busy schedules, high social demands, and strict food requirements, but finding a great one that checks all your must-have boxes can be difficult. However, you can take steps to make the process easier. Determine your needs Decide whether you desire a one-time hire or a longer commitment. Write down your dietary concerns and consider whether professional certification is important to you. Determine your budget. Search for candidates Look through online culinary and personal chef directories. Browse individual chef and chef association websites. Ask family and friends for recommendations. Post a job opening at local culinary schools. Interview chefs Meet with at least three strong candidates. Discuss their backgrounds and ask for at least two references from each. Inquire about a trial run or meal sample before signing a contract. GOURMET CU ISI NE WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PRIVATE AND PERSONAL CHEF? While researching experts, you may find many who call themselves private instead of personal chefs. Is there a difference? Yes. Ensure you know exactly what you want from a chef and what service each professional provides. PRIVATE CHEF A private chef typically works with one client at a time on a full-time basis. He or she might do all the meal prep and planning for a single family every day of the week for months and years on end. Private chefs traditionally source and provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and even meals for entertaining, devoting all of their professional time to a specific household. PERSONAL CHEF Personal chefs have strong food backgrounds and are often graduates of prestigious culinary schools and programs. They usually work with several clients at once, becoming familiar with each one’s dietary needs and preferences as well as family and social requirements. CONS OF HIRING A PERSONAL CHEF There are many benefits to hiring a personal chef, such as a lower risk of something going wrong at a social gathering and the increased well-being of a family who relies on an expert to provide healthy meals. Are there any cons to hiring a personal chef? Some might consider the amount of research involved in finding the perfect fit a negative part of the process. But, after the initial time spent, a personal chef could be one of the most beneficial additions to your home.

18 19 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 L I FE & LEISURE padel tennis 101: RULES AND HOWTOPLAY Padel tennis, or padel, is one of the fastest-growing racket sports in the world, played by roughly 25 million people across the globe. But, in the United States, participants play the game in an entirely different way. Think of padel in the U.S. as an up-market activity, a luxury sport, if you will, that led to the first World Padel Tour in 2022 and the opening of roughly 28 dedicated padel clubs in the country. Country clubs across America have embraced padel tennis, as have high-end homeowners with enough space to install their own court. The sport that combines elements of squash and tennis may have roots in Mexico, but it has found new life in the U.S.

20 21 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 WHAT IS PADEL TENNIS? Padel tennis is a racket sport combining fast action and fun. People from all age groups join in playing this game that's more about strategy than strength or power. To play padel, you need a pair of partners and an enclosed court (a padel court is a third of the size of a full-sized tennis court). Families, casual sports enthusiasts, and hard-core athletes love padel because it’s a challenging and social game that accommodates a variety of skill levels. HOW DO YOU PLAY PADEL TENNIS? Padel is easy to play once you familiarize yourself with the court, equipment, and rules. It’s similar to tennis, but there are key differences you need to know. THE COURT Padel takes place on a 33x66-foot court surrounded by glass or mesh. A net runs down the middle of the court, as in tennis. But, the lines marking the playing areas are different for padel. The various padel tennis court surfaces you’ll find alter the playing experience. Artificial grass has become popular due to its durability and low maintenance, but coated concrete provides a better ball grip and faster pace. L I FE & LEISURE THE RULES You play padel in doubles with the same scoring system as in tennis. Start each point with an underhand serve (the server bounces the ball first, then hits it below waist level). Servers have two serve attempts. As in tennis, the ball can only bounce once on your side, and you can only hit it once. Once you have put the ball into play, all balls that cross the net have to first bounce on the ground of the opponent’s side before hitting a wall. You can return a ball by first hitting it on the wall on your side of the court. SCORING Padel tennis is typically played with a ‘best of three or five sets’ scoring model, each set comprising six games. Points are 15, 30, 40, and game. You must win a game by two points. To win a set, a team has to win at least six games with two games difference. A tiebreak plays until one side has seven points or more and you must win by two points.

22 23 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 PADEL RACKETS Padel rackets differ from tennis rackets and pickleball paddles. They’re made from a composite material with holes in it, and they don’t have strings. Padel rackets have a safety cord attached to the grip, and you must use this cord during games. You’ll find padel rackets in several shapes, including round, diamond, and teardrop. PADEL BALLS A padel ball resembles a tennis ball but has lower pressure and is softer. You’ll probably need to replace padel balls often, and depending on your strength and skill level, you might have to get a new ball into play every few sets. PADEL SHOES Like tennis, padel is fast-paced and often requires a player to jump, pivot, and sprint. Having the right padel shoes is part of the game, so players should wear trainers with a patterned bottom that grips the court and sides that provide stability. HOW DO YOU GET GOOD AT PADEL TENNIS? Getting good at padel takes time and practice. The good news is that since padel tennis is a relatively new sport in the U.S., many players are likely at the same skill level as you and ready to take on the challenge by your side. There are a few tips you can keep in mind, though, as you try to perfect your game. WORK ON YOUR TOUCH Padel rackets are entirely different than tennis or pickleball rackets, so they require a unique type of control. When making contact with the padel ball, try to take some of the power off the ball (this is a motion and tactic unlike you’d perform in tennis). LEARN THE BALL’S BOUNCE Again, unlike tennis, you’ll need to treat the ball differently. In tennis, beginners tend to run after a ball, but in padel, pay attention to how balls bounce off the glass or mesh. Resist the urge to run and chase, and instead wait for the ball to rebound. REMEMBER GOOD POSITIONING To get good at padel, focus on positioning. Learn where to stand and where to direct your doubles partner, if appropriate. For example, partners should move as a unit and attack the net together. L I FE & LEISURE

24 25 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 L I FE & LEISURE selling high-value items: HOWDO AUCTION HOUSESWORK? When downsizing or moving overseas, selling high-value personal property through an auction house makes sense. Auctioning your valuable items is typically quicker and more efficient than selling them through a private sale, as it tasks an expert with marketing skills and transactional details, freeing you to tend to other important matters. Professional auction houses simplify the process of parting with furniture, art, collectibles, antiques, and more. They lighten your load and reduce stress by writing product descriptions, taking photographs, creating a comprehensive catalog, negotiating prices, and even shipping property to the new owner.

26 27 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 HOW DOES THE AUCTION PROCESS WORK? It’s not uncommon for an auction house to handle everything involved in selling high-value personal property, from picking up items to ensuring they end up with the buyer no matter where he or she may be. Major auction houses have their own processes for collecting, assessing, marketing, and selling valuable items. Still, traditionally, they all employ extensive national and international tactics to determine the fair market value of property and close deals. What does the homeowner have to do when working with an auction? If you decide to hire one of these professionals to sell your property, prepare to... DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO SELL What do you want to part with and what do you want to keep? Your decision will likely revolve around where you’re moving and the space available in your new home. L I FE & LEISURE CHECK MARKET PRICES Even though many auction houses help property owners determine fair-market value for items, you should do you own research to know if the company is way off in its assessment. PRESENT YOUR PROPERTY WELL Before you hand over property for pictures and marketing, ensure it’s clean and in the best condition possible. CHOOSE AN AUCTION EXPERT After you’ve prepared your items for sale, interview at least two auction experts, check their reputations online, and then confirm the services available. REASONS TO USE AN AUCTION HOUSE TO SELL PERSONAL PROPERTY Moving long distances and downsizing a home can come with many logistical challenges. Before taking on the entirety of the task yourself, consider how an auction house can help. THEY OFTEN SELL EVERYTHING Instead of posting ads for each of your high-value items, hire an auction house to take care of the sale of your whole suite of belongings. Often, these companies get everything sold so their clients don’t have to worry about finding new homes for anything.

28 29 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 NICHE ITEMS FIND BUYERS Some homeowners have no idea where to sell niche artwork or rare pieces of antique furniture, nor do they want to take the time to find out. Auction houses are experts at matching valuable items with specialty buyers, so why not leave the job to them? EXTENSIVE REACH Auction houses usually offer extensive marketing services and scopes, reaching out to regional, national, and international audiences to garner qualified buyers. All you have to do is pay a commission to the auction house when it sells your item. DO AUCTION HOUSES TAKE A PERCENTAGE? Auction houses generally work on the commission model, retaining a portion of your proceeds for procuring the sale. When you interview an auction company, inquire about the per item or per lot commission, and ensure you know any other fees involved in the sales process. Commissions typically run up to 20%, but many auction houses will significantly reduce that fee for extremely high-ticket items and estates. However, your goal is to sell your property, so don’t get too hung up on what each company charges. Instead, know all the costs involved and focus on how effective the auction house will likely be in closing the sale. HOW TO FIND AN AUCTION HOUSE Choosing the right auction house increases the likelihood of selling your items and making your move easier. As these companies like to be known as experts, confirm that each one you deal with has been in the business for a long time. Whether you choose a single auction house to sell your entire estate or a couple of specialty houses to handle specific items (such as one company to sell high-value cars and another to sell art and antiques), research their reputation by reading client and consumer business bureau reviews. You can also ask your neighbors, colleagues, and real estate agent to recommend a reputable auction house as well. WHAT DOES AN ESTATE SALE COMPANY DO? Similar to an auction house, an estate sale company is an expert who helps clients dispense of personal property. Estate sale companies’ services vary, but they often handle the preparation, marketing, display, and sale of entire estates or, at the least, large quantities of personal items. Estate sale companies may come to your home and rope off a section where shoppers can browse your items. They sometimes provide security as well as clean-up and breakdown services. Whether you hire an auction house or estate sale company to sell your high-value items, the process of vetting the expert is the same. You’ll want to thoroughly check their reputation, inquire about all services and fees, and ensure you know a approximatemarket value of your items before signing a contract. L I FE & LEISURE Auction houses are experts at matching valuable items with specialty buyers

30 31 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 I NTER IOR DESIGN customwine cellar ideas TOSPARK CONVERSATION A great wine cellar can be a party saver and conversation starter. How many times have you reached for that perfect bottle only to remember you never purchased it due to lack of space? Can you call to mind any opportunities you had to entertain new neighbors or clients but stopped short because you weren’t sure what you’d discuss beyond small talk or business?

32 33 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 Having a customwine cellar in your home is a perfect way to prepare for a number of hosting dilemmas. With a built-in cellar that's a focal point of a room or one that draws attention to itself as its own unique space, idle chatter turns into a lively exchange. To build a custom cellar that’s both functional and fabulous, one that ensures guests' drinks are always full and their interest is duly piqued, all you have to do is keep your mind and eye on space, climate, and design. WHAT SHOULD A CUSTOM WINE CELLAR HAVE? A custom wine cellar depends heavily on crafting a controlled environment. Whether you live in a sprawling country estate or a penthouse apartment in the city, your basic requirements are the same. The best home cellars are also attractive and engaging. So, whether you create a dedicated wine room as part of a greater kitchen remodel or convert an entire lower floor into a botanical bar-cellar hybrid, your arrangement and layout is critical. Just as important, storage capacity makes or breaks a wine cellar. Think about how often you may have wished you could add to your collection, especially those bottles you spied on during your last holiday but couldn’t bring home because you didn't have room for them. So, because temperature, humidity, aesthetics, and logistics are critical components of a custom cellar, it’s essential you take the time to carefully plan your project. To begin a discussion on what a custom wine cellar should have, pointing out the two main types of cellars is important. On the one hand, you can opt for an activecooled wine cellar with an automated climate-control system. The other option is to build a passively cooled cellar without automation that controls the temperature and humidity. How you maintain the correct conditions for your wine at all times determines where you build your cellar, what it looks like, and how it serves you and your guests. THE RIGHT CONDITIONS A custom cellar should have the technology or surrounding structure neccessary to keep wine appropriately stored to improve its aroma, flavor, and complexity over time. It should be a space that has minimal vibration, so transferred energy doesn’t interfere with the chemical aging process and the sediment in the wine can separate from the liquid in the bottle. Your cellar must maintain a temperature of 46-65 degrees Fahrenheit for long-term wine aging and 50-58 degrees Fahrenheit for wines aging at a normal pace. Wine only tolerates slight humidity variations; keeping humidity in the 50-70% range is best. Any wine stored for more than a year should stay away from direct or intense light. I NTER IOR DESIGN

34 35 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 EXCELLENT ORGANIZATION AND PRESENTATION When creating a custom wine cellar, consider your wine story and the tale you want your bottles to unfold. How many bottles do you consume each week? What types of wines do you drink most often? Do you entertain regularly? Are you a collector? Will you likely need more space in the future (planning a trip to a prominent wine region)? Maybe you give wine as gifts often or consume it frequently without replenishing it regularly. The bottom line is you want to make it easy to find the wine you want when you want it and store new bottles as desire demands. You also won't want your cellar to look like it has significant gaps in inventory after you've opened a few bottles in short small amount of time. Therefore, the best custom wine cellars allow the homeowner to sort, select, and display optimally, with little hassle and according to his or her personal needs. A good inventory and price tracking app to accompany your new cellar is ideal, too. INTELLIGENT DESIGN Intelligently designed cellars incorporate modernmaterials and tech features like double-layered glass with UV protection, digital or touch-pad climate controls, security alarms, electronically configurable wine racks, and other contemporary touches. Additionally, many homeowners value energy efficiency when building cellars, so they carefully consider shape and orientation in their plans. WINE CELLAR DESIGN IDEAS Today’s custom wine cellars take many forms and reveal themselves in various sizes to suit a plethora of needs. From those with built-in bistro nooks to cellars with high-end cooling racks and case storage, the options for a layout that serves your purposes and impresses others are endless. COLORED LED LIGHTING Build a signature closet with a custom glass enclosure and dramatic LED lighting for a theatrical effect. UNDER THE STAIRS A modern take on an under-the-stairs cellar can include a floor-to-stair design with an all-black framework contrasted by surrounding white walls and light wood plank. MODERN AND RUSTIC Exposed brick and stone walls with a builtin storage cabinet behind metal and glass doors give the space a timeless elegance. CONTEMPORARY BAR CELLAR Consider a contemporary cellar with cool accents and a built-in bar with dark stools. I NTER IOR DESIGN

36 37 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 I NTER IOR DESIGN SURPRISE STORAGE hidden kitchen pantry ideas If you’re building a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one, consider incorporating storage discreetly into your design. A hidden, or secret, pantry to store your kitchen essentials can allow you to take control over one of the most prominent features of your cooking and dining experience. With a secret pantry, you no longer have to work around traditional or existing kitchen storage layouts that expose dry goods (and their often unsightly packaging) or keep them far from reach. When you have a secret pantry, you can store nearly everything you want that's part of the cooking experience, from corded appliances to clean-up tools, all while having easy access.

38 39 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 WHAT IS A SECRET PANTRY? It can be challenging to keep food, kitchen tools, and cookware stored where it's not an eyesore but also makes meal preparation easy. Hidden or concealed pantries are an answer to that problem. Hidden pantries are storage areas tucked into surprise areas like behind cabinet doors, in hallways, or within actual walls. They've become more popular as homeowners try to maximize kitchen space and efficiency while preserving style and beauty. BENEFITS OF A HIDDEN PANTRY Hidden pantries offer many benefits for small, medium, and large kitchens. Maximize storage Surprise storage pantries create more room to organize food and food-prep items and keep them tucked out of sight. Keep kitchen cleaner Free your counter from canisters filled with coffee, cereal, and flour by moving them into to a secret pantry where you can still have easy access. Take advantage of small and awkward areas Utilize all your kitchen real estate by creating a secret pantry in an otherwise unused space. I NTER IOR DESIGN Convenience while cooking If you currently keep bulk items in the garage, you can move them close to where you need them. Custom-designed to your preference New kitchen builds or extensive remodels benefit from bespoke secret pantries tailored to the user’s cooking habits. Add a unique feature to your home Consider how future buyers might react to this thoughtful and valuable addition to your kitchen. WHERE DO YOU PUT A SECRET PANTRY? You can build a hidden pantry anywhere, in your kitchen or another room in your home. • In an unused room off your kitchen • In the wall between your kitchen and dining room • In the corner of a kitchen • Behind cabinets or walls • Within an appliance garage • In a butler’s pantry • In unused areas like under staircases HOW TO MAXIMIZE KITCHEN STORAGE IN A SECRET PANTRY Maximize storage in a hidden pantry by incorporating design features and functional elements that help you organize and access the food items and tools you use most. Multi-level shelves Put all your walls to use, from the floor to the ceiling, with multi-level shelves in your secret pantry. Pull-out shelves These shelves offer easy access to items stored near the back of the pantry. Slide-out baskets Use baskets to group similar, small food items and tools, removing a basket entirely to access several items or bring all of them into your cook space. Tall shelving Tall shelves are perfect for items that need more space like oversized cutting bottles and cutting boards. Drawers Use drawers for smaller items that get lost in a basket or slide around messily on a shelf. Lazy Susans Spinning trays and shelves offer even more surprise storage solutions for food, tools, and appliances.

40 41 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 TYPES OF HIDDEN PANTRIES There are various types of hidden pantries. The one you build should depend on howmuch you need to store, what you’re keeping, your available space, and the extent to which you want to take on this project. A hidden pantry should be well concealed to ensure your design blends in with its surroundings and doesn’t look out of place. BUTLER’S PANTRY A butler’s pantry is a narrow walkthrough pantry, typically between the kitchen and the dining room. However, you might design a hidden version of this storage space in a hallway tucked off one of these two rooms. WALK-IN PANTRY Turn a walk-in pantry into a secret pantry by hiding it seamlessly behind a wall, hidden panel, or cabinet door using materials that blend with other design elements in your kitchen. Use a push-toopen method to access what’s inside or incorporate technology to automate the door opening function. CORNER PANTRY Secret corner pantries take advantage of wasted space by housing shelves inside the unused area where two walls meet. You can conceal this type of pantry with doors that fit flush into the walls and don’t depend on cabinet hardware to open them. HOW DO YOU MAKE A HIDDEN PANTRY? The process of designing a hidden pantry depends on where you want to put your pantry and what design you want it to have. There are some tips, though, that should get you started on this project. Utilize all available space Use different-sized shelves, baskets, and drawers to accommodate all your essentials in a hidden area. Use durable building materials Make sure your hidden pantry withstands wear and the test of time. Include open and closed storage Balance design and function with a mix of open and closed shelves and drawers. Add electrical outlets Outlets in a hidden pantry let you charge small appliances and even take care of some minor tasks fromwithin the secret space. Incorporate lighting Install LED lights, either as built-ins or strips, to improve visibility in your pantry. Set aside space for trash bins Tuck your garbage and recycling bins into your thoughtfully designed hidden kitchen pantry. I NTER IOR DESIGN

42 43 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 TRAVEL top 6 luxury DUDE RANCHES INTHEU.S. Looking for a unique place for your next luxury vacation? Consider a dude ranch. Sure, some ranches are mostly dirt and come with some pretty interesting smells as the focal point, but luxury dude ranches are an entirely different experience.

44 45 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 Guests at these destinations take in incredible scenery and memorable activities minus many sights and scents of a traditional working ranch. That’s not to say travelers to luxury dude ranches don’t roll up their sleeves and get to work occasionally. There are plenty of opportunities to herd cattle, help fix a fence, or throw salt at an upscale dude ranch. But, more often than not, encounters at these relaxing resorts involve adventures of a more luxurious kind, like ATV riding in open pastures, fishing in pristine streams, and dining on farm-to-table cuisine. Horseback riding, golf, and cooking classes are often on the daily schedule for visitors to a luxury dude ranch. Whether you’re yearning for an intimate, low-key holiday or an extravagant affair in a spectacular setting, you’ll likely find what you desire at one of these six luxury dude ranches. HUBBARD'S SIX QUARTER CIRCLE RANCH EMIGRANT, MT Hubbard’s is a working dude ranch with first-class amenities. It affords guests the opportunity to do typical ranch chores like pushing cattle, but a stay here also includes treasured time for leisure, such as taking in massages and enjoying fine dining. Refresh with a cold beer on a deck overlooking the Yellowstone mountains, river, or valley, then retire to lodge room that also offers a spectacular view. TRAVEL LONE MOUNTAIN RANCH BIG SKY, MT Tucked into the base of the mountains, in picturesque Big Sky, Montana, Lone Mountain Ranch is the perfect place to enjoy the Western lifestyle while immersing yourself in upscale amenities. This dude ranch is impressive with its high-end dining options, including vegetarian items and dishes prepared from local ingredients. Its luxuriously redesigned cabins are the perfect place to lay your head after a day filled with fun and adventure. Lone Mountain Ranch offers many activities to get your heart pumping and eyes fixed on the land's beauty, such as hiking in the surrounding Gallatin mountains, guided canoe trips, and horseback riding through dramatic canyons. ALISAL GUEST RANCH & RESORT SOLVANG, CA Situated in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley, in Santa Barbara wine country, Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort is a working cattle ranch and full-service luxury resort. The 10,000-acre property calls guests to a simple way of life with a modern touch. As you enter the idyllic retreat, rows of sycamores set the stage for a peaceful yet grand experience. Your refuge for the trip is a relaxing studio, cottage, or country house. Your activities? A round of golf on an 18-hole hole course, dip in a refreshing pool, or trail ride through a field with cows grazing.

46 47 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 TRAVEL LOST CREEK RANCH MOOSE, WY Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is known for its impressive valley views as it’s tucked perfectly between the Teton and Gros Venture Mountain ranges. Lost Creek Ranch, in Moose, Wyoming, sits just 20 minutes from the heart of Jackson Hole, and it, too, offers stunning views of the Tetons. This service-oriented luxury dude ranch sets you in the middle of the Old West and surrounds you with impeccable accommodations and personalized services. Guests of Lost Creek Ranch enjoy living the outdoor dream with an abundance of ranch activities to take part in including horseback riding and horse-drawn hayrides. ROUGH CREEK LODGE AND RESORT GLEN ROSE, TX Rough Creek Lodge and Resort encompasses 11,000 acres of greenery, water, and trails, all under the expansive Glen Rose, Texas sky. This ranch is a place for relaxation, inspiration, and adventure. It features 63 guest rooms, lodges, cabins, and homes as well as 63 lakes and ponds. Travelers to the resort have 80 activities to choose from, including golf, canoeing, and shooting sports. The first-class restaurants on the property claim 25 distinguished culinary awards and offer modern interpretations of rustic American fare. Set just an hour from Dallas but seemingly a world away, Rough Creek is a picturesque setting for a deluxe and dreamy vacation. RANCHO DE LOS CABALLEROS WICKENBURG, AZ Rancho de los Caballeros has offered cowboy culture to luxury clientele for more than 75 years. This dude ranch in the sprawling Arizona desert features 18,000 acres of sanctuary for wildlife and flora, along with premier amenities like golf, spa treatments, and extraordinary culinary experiences. The highly regarded ranch is a place where guests feel at home in tastefully appointed casitas styled with luxurious touches and ornamented with gorgeous views. Ranch experiences include participating in an equine program and getting merry at a hoedown. Dine on refined food in an incredible indoor restaurant or relax at a casual outdoor cookout.

48 49 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 TRAVEL luxury expedition cruises: THE BEST CRUISES TO the galápagos, antarctica, andmore The vast beauty of the world awaits our discovery, and thankfully, there are grand and stimulating ways we can embark on such a journey. Luxury expedition cruises to the far-reaching corners of the earth like the Galápagos Islands and Antarctica provide relaxation, education, and the chance to envelop and engage our bodies in the truly sensational.

50 51 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 While incorporating indulgence into settings that traditionally only hardcore adventurers sought out, luxury expedition cruise operators successfully tapped a market that has only grown over the last few years. What exactly is an expedition cruise? Think of travel aboard a ship that handles all types of weather and sea conditions, and carries passengers to pristine locations to experience wildlife and nature. What is a luxury expedition cruise? Imagine passage on a vessel that resembles a five-star hotel, and just so happens to sail to some of the most untouched places on the planet. Cruise lines craft luxury expedition ships practically, to fit into inland canals and handle the rugged terrain of the polar regions. But, they also design them with modern sensibilities you’d expect from firstclass tour providers, such as with high-end restaurants and spa-like swimming pools. And, with spaces to engross and entertain like observation libraries and research labs. TRAVEL TRENDS IN EXPEDITION CRUISING Some of the newest luxury expedition cruise ships feature extravagant amenities, such as expansive suite-style staterooms with private verandas and butler service. They infuse opulence at every turn like with a dedicated crew member for each guest and 24-hour gourmet dining. Passengers on these cruises are typically curious, lifelong learners interested in the environment and science. For this reason, a luxury expedition cruise today might include the opportunity to track weather and ocean patterns with experts in the field or enjoy off-ship excursions like helicopter rides to remote regions that few humans have walked. Expedition cruise companies traditionally grouped about 50 people or less for itineraries to some of the most uninhabited places on the globe; perhaps to lend a sense of intimacy to breathtaking encounters with un-imagined scenery. Now, luxury expedition cruises commonly bump up the passenger count to roughly 200, to allow for the biologists, geologists, naturalists, and historians that often accompany guests on their itineraries to the inconceivable. Another trend in expedition cruising focuses on light exploration. While some of us can take on the rocky coastlines and jagged icebergs by arm and foot with no problem, others need or want to take in the sights and sounds from the ship's comfort. This means getting up close and personal with penguins by viewing them from the safety of an expansive hull.

52 53 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 WHICH LUXURY CRUISE LINES OFFER EXPEDITION CRUISES? Ready to dive into the details of a luxury expedition cruise? Several cruise lines cater to those seeking a pampered and rich leisure experience. CELEBRITY Celebrity operates three cruise ships in the Galápagos Islands where passengers sail through a secluded and biologically critical archipelago teaming with tortoises, iguanas, and blue-footed boobies. The 100-passenger Celebrity Xpedition and the 100-passenger mega-yacht Celebrity Flora designed for expedition travel deliver dream realities with the ultimate in luxury in mind. CRYSTAL CRUISES Crystal’s Esprit is a 62-passenger yacht that escorts travelers to the Seychelles Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage-protected site filled with dynamic coral reefs and exotic marine life. The 200-passenger Crystal Endeavor is an expedition ship through and through, crafted to sail seamlessly to tropical destinations and isolated ice-capped landscapes, yet it calls to the discerning luxury traveler. Enjoy snorkeling, jet ski riding, and onboard entertainment like gambling and live musical performances. PONANT Ponant is a French-owned luxury megayacht tour provider that offers trips to the polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic, as well as New Zealand, Africa, and the Amazon. Intimate ships package attentive guest services and memorable touches, such as fine dining and premium stateroom amenities, into a 190-passenger space perfect for humpback whale watching and howler money viewing. SEABOURN Seabourn’s ocean excursions have long been thrilling voyages, but the company’s next generation of luxury expedition cruises look to be leaders in the industry. With Seabourn Venture carrying 264 passengers, all in balcony suites, to experience hidden bays and idyllic fjords, travelers nearly have it all. Opulence and encounter combine with distinguished amenities and activities like open-bar service, world-class restaurants, and jaunts into the open wilderness. SILVERSEA EXPEDITIONS Silversea runs three luxury expedition cruises: Silver Expeditions to the polar region, Silver Origin to the Galápagos Islands, and Silver Cloud to Antarctica. These ships carry 100 to 254 passengers to see fur seals, bears, and rare birds. All-inclusive fares on these vessels offer access to a beauty salon, spa, and specialty restaurants. TRAVEL

54 55 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 LUXURY PROPERT I ES This 7-bedroom, 5,000-square-foot beachfront haven offers unrivaled luxury with panoramic ocean views. Enjoy the seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor living. Lounge on the expansive patio or take a dip in the diamond-bright infinity pool, seamlessly blending with the Atlantic. 7 bedrooms, 4 baths $3,200,000 MLS: 55328 TIMOTHY SMITH timothy@bettermcrbahamas.com W. (242)677-8255 | M. (242)426-7292 BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS REAL ESTATE MCR BAHAMAS One West Plaza, Unit A7, Windsor Field Road, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas GREYSTONE, THE CUT BEACH, EXUMA, BAHAMAS Beautiful ocean views and quiet beachfront enjoyment are constant in this well-appointed unit. Partially furnished, with a coastal inspired interior that brings the tranquility indoors, this townhouse is 90% completed and one of the only double units in the community. 5 bedrooms, 6 baths $2,900,000 MLS: 54827 TIMOTHY SMITH timothy@bettermcrbahamas.com W. (242)677-8255 | M. (242)426-7292 BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS REAL ESTATE MCR BAHAMAS One West Plaza, Unit A7, Windsor Field Road, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas 601 PALM CAY, YAMACRAW, NASSAU, NEW PROVIDENCE, BAHAMAS LUXURY PROPERT I ES view listing view listing

56 57 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 LUXURY PROPERT I ES Immaculate and move in ready, newer build, custom Rancho Grande gem with amazing hill and ocean views! Built in 2007, this stunning home is 4,462-square-feet with all main living spaces and primary suite on the first level with no stairs! 4 bedrooms, 4 baths $1,799,000 MLS: PI23153345 CHRISTA LOWRY christa@christalowryrealestate.com W. (805)592-2050 | M. (805)710-1687 BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS REAL ESTATE HAVEN PROPERTIES 1161 Price St #100 Pismo Beach, CA 93449 546 VIA BANDOLERO, ARROYO GRANDE, CA 93420 Rare, oceanfront villa in desirable Hamilton Cove. Enter through gorgeous carved mahogany door to this beautiful end unit with 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms with incredible views! There are no steps if you enter from the opposite end of building or take the few steps up to the front door. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths $2,000,000 MLS: SW23216718 CHERIE L JUENGST cljuengst0@gmail.com W. (951)383-4343 | M. (951)775-0156 BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS REAL ESTATE REGISTRY 43920 Margarita Road, Suite D Temecula, CA 92591 68 PLAYA AZUL, AVALON, CA 90704 LUXURY PROPERT I ES view listing view listing

58 59 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 LUXURY PROPERT I ES Nestled within the prestigious gated community of San Luis Bay Estates in Avila Beach, this exceptional residence exudes elegance and sophistication from the moment you arrive. As you approach, take note of the tastefully appointed interlocking paver driveway and the inviting wood-finished garage door. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths $1,479,000 MLS: SC23159467 ROBIN MITCHELL HEE robin@bhgrehaven.com W. (805)592-2050 | M. (805)801-8155 BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS REAL ESTATE HAVEN PROPERTIES 1880 Santa Barbara Avenue #220 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 2920 ELDERBERRY, AVILA BEACH, CA 93424 This is an award-winning, front-row showpiece in sought-after Claraboya. From the moment you walk across the bubbling fountains and through the double door glass entry into this Fred McDowell designed home, you know you've arrived at someplace special. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths $2,499,000 MLS: 219100990PS STEPHEN JACOBS stephen@witahph.com W. (760)646-8886 | M. (760)413-0117 BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS REAL ESTATE DESERT LIFESTYLE PROPERTIES 200 N Sunrise Way, Suite B Palm Springs, CA 92262 2535 N MOUNTAIN AVENUE, CLAREMONT, CA 91711 LUXURY PROPERT I ES view listing view listing

60 61 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 13 LUXURY PROPERT I ES First impressions matter and 678 Sheehy Road will surely make a lasting one. With its impressive exterior and an inviting facade, this property is a true gem. The attention to detail is evident from the moment you step foot inside. 5 bedrooms, 6 baths $3,600,000 MLS: PI22119312 WENDY TEIXEIRA wendyteixeira@aol.com W. (805)592-2050 | M. (805)310-3505 BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS REAL ESTATE HAVEN PROPERTIES 2429 Professional Parkway #102 Santa Maria, CA 93455 678 SHEEHY ROAD, NIPOMO, CA 93444 In excess of 2,557-square-feet of decadent single level living space, made up of 4 ample bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, an executive office space, ten-foot ceilings, a superb kitchen adjacent to the family room with immediate access to the patio area. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths $1,699,000 MLS: PI23136049 MIKE OLIVER moliversells@gmail.com W. (805)592-2050 | M. (805)573-4877 BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS REAL ESTATE HAVEN PROPERTIES 1161 Price St #100 Pismo Beach, CA 93449 1290 COLOMA LANE, NIPOMO, CA 93444 LUXURY PROPERT I ES view listing view listing