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1 bhgrecollection.com | bhgrecollection.com V O L U M E 1 1 DISTINCTIVE L I FE® THE GOURMET AT-HOME MEAL KITS Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, Keto, or gluten-free, discover the best athome meal kits for all diets and tastes. p.18 STYLISH CONTEMPORARY ISLAND HOUSES Modern island abodes effortlessly exemplify the best of sophisticated indoor-outdoor living. p.48

2 3 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT/CEO SHERRY CHRIS LUXURY PROPERTIES & FEATURED AGENTS STYLISH CONTEMPORARY ISLAND HOUSES Modern island abodes capture the imagination, effortlessly exemplifying the best of sophisticated indoor-outdoor living. PLAN A WELLNESS STAYCATION Whether you choose to spend your staycation at home or luxuriating at a local spa, a self-care break is calling. SEVEN IDEAS FOR AN ELEGANT BEDROOM REFRESH WITHOUT REMODELING Elegantly update a bedroom in less than a weekend, without the hassles of a full remodel. CREATE A HOME MEDITATION STUDIO Whether you want to start your morning centered or rid yourself of the stress accumulated after a hectic day, a meditation space will allow you to unwind and refocus. GOURMET AT-HOME MEAL KITS Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, Keto, or glutenfree, we've rounded up the best gourmet at-home meal kits for all diets and tastes. TEMPTING GRAZING BOARDS FOR SUMMER ENTERTAINING Learn how to build an irresistible grazing table filled with tantalizing snacking boards . Seven Ideas for an Elegant Bedroom Refresh Without Remodeling p.6 Create a Home Meditation Studio p.30 Stylish Contemporary Island Houses p.48 CONTENTS Luxury Interior Design Gourmet Cuisine Life & Leisure Listings & Featured Agents Travel 6 30 p.4 p.6 COVERED DECK IDEAS FOR A GORGEOUS OUTDOOR SPACE A gorgeous covered deck, complete with well-designed built-ins and architectural enhancements, can be yours with some patience and planning. STAGING WITH STYLE Interior Design and Lifestyle Expert, Jennifer Adams, reveals updated staging trends for selling your house. p.36 p.42 p.60 p.48 p.54 p.12 p.30 p.18 p.24 WOOD-ACCENTED APPLIANCES FOR LUXURY KITCHENS From ultra-sleek kitchens to beautifully rustic ones, upscale appliances with wood elements are becoming a critical part of the design aesthetic. 48 Tempting Grazing Boards for Summer Entertaining p.18 18

4 5 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� SHERRY CHRIS President and CEO Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate A letter from the President & CEO SHERRY CHRIS s travel picks up, nothing beats that familiar feeling of arriving back home to reset and recharge. Even if it’s only for a few days before hitting the road again. Home is comfort; it’s a sacred space that is fully yours to enjoy. And if you, like me, cherish that moment of curling up in your cozy bed after a long journey, then I think you’ll enjoy this issue. In Volume 11 of The Distinctive Life, we’re diving into topics that encourage you to unwind and refocus as you spend time at home. First, we discuss how to elegantly update your bedroom into your perfect sanctuary—all without the hassle of a full remodel. Using inspiration from a bedroom refresh, consider adding a home meditation studio to start or end your day in a zen state of mind. Be sure to read our tips for building an oasis of calm that may even inspire a wellness staycation (which we share ideas for as well!). And when eating out gets old, return to the kitchen with fresh, delicious, and easy at-home meal kits; we round up a few of our favorites for all diets and tastes. Keep flipping the pages for a bonus article in this edition—a luxury staging guide written by interior design and lifestyle expert, Jennifer Adams. She reveals exclusive staging trends that reflect current homeowner needs. I’m excited to share this edition with you, which is packed with our best recommendations for luxury living (and relaxing) in today’s world. There’s nothing quite like coming home…and enjoying home. Distinctively yours, Distinctive Collection by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® offers the service and market experience you would expect from a brand whose legacy was built upon a passion for the home. Let us help you find or sell yours. Sign up for the Distinctive Collection Newsletter and receive a FREE Luxury Staging Guide bhgrecollection.com/blog/subscribe ©2022 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC (“BHGRE”). All Rights Reserved. Better Homes and Gardens®, Distinctive Collection by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate®, and the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate logo are registered service marks owned by Meredith Operations Corporation and licensed to BHGRE. BHGRE fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each office is independently owned and operated.

6 7 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� New bedroom ideas often require a commitment to renovation. However, with a bit of design inspiration, you can elegantly update a bedroom that is feeling tired in less than a weekend and without many of the hassles associated with a full remodel.Your bedroom can once again be the sanctuary you need.We reveal some of our favorite bedroom ideas for renewing your space without a remodel. seven ideas for an ELEGANT BEDROOM REFRESH without remodeling LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGN

8 9 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� SELECT INSPIRING LIGHTING Elevating your bedroom décor may be as easy as choosing inspiring lighting. Martha Stewart Living advises: “A soothing ambience is often achieved with several kinds of lighting fixtures—an overhead light for general illumination, wall sconces on either side of the mirror for dressing, or a table lamp on the nightstand for reading, for example.” If you want to create a tranquil, stately, and custom environment, think about installing statement pieces as overhead lighting. Picture a pair of matching pendant lights framing each side of the bed. Options like Moroccan-inspired double prism frosted lanterns or antique 1960s crackle glass and brass pendants are among our favorite bedroom ideas for a glamorous refresh. Modern drop chandeliers can dazzle as they reflect a silvery palette. Gilded crystal chandeliers work exquisitely in contemporary bedrooms, as well as traditional ones, and crystal chandeliers offer an immediate burst of luxury while also making the space feel cohesively designed. Finally, don’t hesitate to make your overhead statement light a true work of art. Commission a piece from a local artisan who can craft something uniquely stunning to illuminate your room. REFRESHYOURWALLS There is no doubt that color can set the tone for a room. Traditional bedroom ideas tend to play on neutrals, although recent trends hint that deeper hues are fast becoming more popular. Tiffani Stutzman of Tiffani Stutzman Design cheers this new trend in an interview with The Spruce and even suggests choosing “navy blue, plum, or sage green” to create an inspiring space. If your bedroom has tall ceilings, designers suggest to MyDomaine that a refresh can go big with “a patterned or textured wallpaper.” MyDomaine reveals that this wallpaper “gives the space a moody feel and keeps the eye interested.” And contrary to once-held theory, the magazine advises trying wallpaper in darker colors even when there is little natural light because the dark shades “can help the space feel cozier.” COMMISSION CEILING ARTWORK Even if you do decide to paint your walls a light neutral, you can bring drama to the space by creating a new design for your bedroom ceiling. MyDomaine is a fan of this bedroom idea as “statement ceilings are perhaps the easiest way to add a cool and unexpected element to your space.” You can choose a lighter or darker shade of the color that already adorns your walls. If you have white walls, your ceiling can be a bold color choice that references your bed linens, pillows, or furniture upholstery. Gold leaf on the ceiling can finish a space to extraordinary effect, and dramatic patterned wallpaper can elevate your room instantly. Of course, to create a genuinely bespoke bedroom, indulge the temptation to commission a ceiling mural that captures the imagination.

10 11 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGN SPLURGE ON A HANDCRAFTED BED If you are dissatisfied with your current bed and desire additional storage but aren’t prepared to commit to a major renovation right now, Martha Stewart Living recommends either getting a storage bed custom-made or choosing an elegant option from one of your preferred furnituremakers. One of the magazine’s favorite luxury options is the “‘Hudson’ Bed with Storage Drawers” from Room & Board. In fact, they ranked it as having the best drawer storage of all the options they sampled. Why is this pricey bed a favorite? Martha Stewart Living raves: “This handcrafted storage bed is worth the wait, as it is handmade in West Virginia by skilled artisans. With four storage drawers, you can tuck away everything from out of season clothes and accessories to extra bed linens and pillows.” If you like this bedroom idea but want something even more customizable, the magazine recommends splurging on the ‘Matera’ bed from DWR. The bed fits six drawers, which can be altered to meet your needs, as can the headboard. Even if you love your bed, reupholstering or swapping out the headboard can positively impact your space. The Spruce reveals: “Many designer bedrooms have big, beautiful upholstered headboards as a key design element. That’s because it’s an easy way to create focus, depth, and texture in the room.” For a visual pop, experts tell the magazine that a tufted headboard offers “maximum texture.” Meanwhile, recovering a headboard (or buying a new one) in velvet creates an “opulent look.” You can choose dramatic colors to hold focus, or you can select a neutral headboard so that it will work well with any bedding color you desire. UPDATEYOUR BEDROOM CURTAINS As Martha Stewart Living reports, “curtains not only tie the room together, but they can also play a role in our circadian rhythm, which is our internal clock that tells our body when it’s time to rest.” That makes it all the more important that your bedroom curtains or drapes are not only beautiful to look at but designed to block out extra light. Cotton is among the most popular curtain fabrics because it is light and easy to care for. Silk has an undoubtedly luxurious feel to it, but experts caution the magazine that even textured silk “‘will show water and UV damage faster than other fabrics.’” One of the most sumptuous bedroom ideas is hanging curtains made from velvet. Why? Experts tell Martha Stewart Living that it is a divine choice because “‘velvet is heavy and excellent for insulating your windows from cold drafts and hot summer days.’” It’s also perfect for adding privacy to your space and keeping out extraneous light. INCORPORATE A LUXURIOUS RUG Don’t be afraid to enliven your bedroom by placing a colorful area rug underneath your bed – even if you have carpeting. Designer Baylee Floyd of Baylee Deion Design raves to Martha Stewart Living that “‘I love to layer large vintage and fun patterned rugs over outdated bedroom carpet to give it that layered and cozy feel that will instantly refresh your space.’” Even if your main carpet is new, you may opt to lay down a silk area rug or a small sheepskin rug for a pampering bit of luxury for your feet. ADD LARGE-SCALE DECOR Don’t underestimate the transformation possible just by adding a single piece of large-scale décor. Designer Tiffani Stutzman reveals to The Spruce that she enjoys incorporating an oversized “slipper chair covered in velvet” because bringing texture into the room is a bedroom idea that provides “a layer of opulence and comfort.” Designers at MyDomaine agree. The magazine applauds adding an oversized mirror to bedrooms. Their reasoning? “Largescale pieces add a sense of regality and stateliness to a space that smaller pieces can’t.” Whether you hang a large-scale, vintage sunburst mirror or lean a floor mirror in a gilded frame against a wall, you’ll be enchanted by the feeling of expansiveness and renewal it brings to your bedroom.

12 13 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGN Wood accented appliances and equally stunning surrounds are delighting homeowners and designers. From ultra-sleek kitchens to beautifully rustic ones, upscale appliances with wood elements are becoming a critical part of the design aesthetic.The look reinforces a feeling of warmth in the kitchen and is part of a growing trend toward using natural elements throughout a home's décor. If you are contemplating a luxury kitchen remodel or custom renovation, read on as we reveal some of our favorite ideas for incorporating wood accented appliances into your home. wood-accented appliances for LUXURY KITCHENS

14 15 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGN GORGEOUS RANGEHOODS Range hoods are an absolutemust-have formany kitchen remodels but don't feel compelled to choose fromthe traditional metal options. MyDomaine suggests: "Instead, you can snag awood-lined range hood cover—and yes, you canprobably findone thatmatches your cabinets." If you areworried that your wood accented appliances andoverall kitchendesignwon't feel dynamic enough, themagazine offers this solution: "Consider layering different wood stains. Snag a light stain for your island, a slightly darker one for your range cover, and an evendarker one for your shelves." It's a brilliant way tobring indifferent textures and hues tomake your design choices pop. WOODACCENTED SUB-ZERO REFRIGERATORS Sub-zero refrigerators are among themost requestedappliances for large-scale kitchen renovations and remodels. While stainless steel, blackmatte steel, and even colorful vintage-inspiredmodels have dominated, a nature-inspiredoption is growing in popularity. For brands like Fisher &Paykel Appliances, bringingwoodaccents into the kitchen is a breeze. For a premium, they can customize the front panels and the handles of your refrigerator tomeet your design goals while still providing ample storage space, ActiveSmart Foodcare, and energy efficiency.

17 bhgrecollection.com | Volume �� | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® 16 LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGN Suppose a retro-inspiredoption ismore to your liking. In that case, Smegwill allowyou to fully personalize your refrigerator's shell, with everything fromwoodpaneling painted tomatch your kitchen's palette toporcelain exteriors paintedwith recreations of famous paintings or fashiondesigners. Thiswork can be expensive – one-of-a-kindprojectswill cost upwards of $40,000. Themost luxurious refrigerator available today is theMeneghini LaCambusa. Starting with a base price of $41,500, thismodel features an all-wooden exterior. It canbe painted inmore than 500 different colors tomatchor contrast with your kitchen cabinetry and is crafted to look like apiece of antique furniture. This stunning refrigerator also includes a state-of-the-art refrigeration and freezer system, a built-in coffee system byMiele, a flat-screenTV, and a temperaturecontrolledpantry to keep your dry goods, cooking oils, and spices at their peak freshness. ELEGANTWINE CHILLERS Wine, beer, andother beverage chillers are more popular now than ever for high-end remodels, particularly those fromluxury brands likeMonogram. As The Spruce raves: "Awine fridge doesmore than just keep your pinots and rosés chilled, it actually looks like amillionbucks in your kitchen."Whilemany people prefer tohave glass front doors on their beverage centers, there are stunning ways of customizing these applianceswith wood elements. One of The Spruce's favoritewine chillers features a bank of wood accented appliances. Thewine chiller sits next to a sub-zero refrigerator. The doors of both applianceswere replacedwith customwood doors painted in an eye-catching peacock blue, although the chiller has a glass insert to reveal its contents. Awood surround stained the same color as the shelves visible through the glass front of the chiller beautifully frames both appliances,making it appear as though theywere built into thewall. The overall effect is a surprising combinationof dazzling andunderstated elegance. WRAPPED DISHWASHERS If youwould love to include adouble dishwasher in your newkitchenbut don't love the classic look of the appliances, you are not alone. Whether you covet a double dishwasher drawer by Café or a top-control by ZLine, you canhave the front panel replaced for a customdesign. From unfinishedwoodpanels to colorful enamel options, you can combine a number of finishes andhardware styles toperfectly personalize your dishwasher – one of the hardest working appliances in your home. HIDDENAPPLIANCES Hidden kitchens canmask your culinary secrets. A favored concept outside of theUnitedStates, the trend ismaking homeowners' wish lists here this year. The idea is a simple one – create adesign system that hides all of your storage shelves and kitchen appliances (big and small) behind beautifully craftedwoodaccented cabinetry. You'll love thisminimalist approach, whether you favor sleek,modern styles, Frenchcountry décor, or industrial rustic options. It creates a cohesive décor while also keeping potential clutter fromsight. Southern Living is a fan. Themagazine reveals one of their favorite kitchendesigns: "Layered inwood fromfloor to ceiling, the Hierses' kitchenwould convert even the most ardent city slicker into a lover of all things handmade andhewn."Most of their applianceswerewrapped in salvaged, old-growthheart pine – beautiful to look at andappealing to anyone looking for a sustainable approach to their newkitchen décor. Are youunsure about introducingmultiple woodfinishes throughout your kitchen space? The Spruce understands the reservations but has recently become a fan of the approach. Over the last fewyears, one of their favorite kitchen redesigns "boasts three different tones and even includes a chevron applicationon the single cabinet that houses the refrigerator." The result offers intriguing dimension andappealing texturewhile still embracing a neutral palette and a nature-inspireddesign that impresses all who gravitate towards the heart of this home.

18 19 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� the best gourmet AT-HOME MEAL KITS Gourmet at-home meal kits can be a busy person’s best friend. Fresh, delicious, and swift, meal kit delivery services have upped their game.Today, these services brilliantly answer your craving for home-cooked meals that meet your family’s dietary preferences and their desires for something genuinely delectable.Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, Keto, or gluten-free, there is a gourmet at-home meal kit that will make you smile. MARTHA & MARLEY SPOON MEALS Reviewing chefs agree that the gourmet at-home meal kits from Martha & Marley Spoon are among the best available right now. This is no surprise; Martha Stewart’s recipes have gotten attention for decades. Food writer and recipe developer Rick Martinez taste-tested a classic grass-fed beef burger recipe and could only rave about the taste to Martha Stewart Living in a review of several different services. In addition to the main entrée, he delighted in the unusual sides, including “simply delicious roasted asparagus fries (dipped in egg and coated in panko),” as well as the inclusion of helpful cooking tips that elevated every bite. But, perhaps most impressive to Martinez, the recipes were innovative, and diners were never faced with “pre-bagged sauces” that may not GOURMET CUISINE

20 21 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� meet their tastes or dietary needs. We love how responsive the brand has been when it comes to evolving the Martha & Marley Spoon gourmet meal options. In a recent article in Martha Stewart Living, the company announced that its culinary options were expanding, providing up to 20 recipes per week. They also announced that, in response to feedback, the meal kit service would be “adding new and creative recipes featuring proteins like meat and fish, healthy options that are low carb and packed with whole grains, and dishes that cook in less than 30 minutes.” Among the newest menu options, Martha & Marley Spoon provides new vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, including a gourmet “Crispy-Skinned Curry Salmon with Lentils, Carrots & Spinach” that is “packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D,” according to the magazine. SUNBASKET Filled with menus developed by chef Justine Kelly (formerly of Slanted Door and Iron Chef), Sunbasket focuses on nutritious gourmet meals and sustainability. Simply Recipes voted it among the best at-home meal kits for vegan and healthy meal services. Why? The magazine applauds: “Sunbasket balances organic ingredients with flavorful recipes in meal plans that work with almost any lifestyle.” They love that the gourmet meal kit offers “fresh, organic produce and responsibly sourced meat and seafood, and 10 custom meal plans, including vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean, and diabetic-friendly options.” Dishes are innovative and globally inspired, with up to 25 new recipes available each week. Gourmet meals like “Yucatecan salmon with tomatillo verde sauce and zucchini, braised beef panang curry with jasmine rice and sweet peas, and chorizo flatbreads with sunchokes and sunny-sideup eggs—all prepared in 45 minutes or less,” are among Simple Recipes’ favorites. PURPLE CARROT VEGAN MEAL KITS Food & Wine named Purple Carrot the best at-home meal kit for vegans on the market today. The magazine explains: “Just like every other dish, vegan meals should be full of flavor and texture, which is why users love deliveries from Purple Carrot.” Their plans include “quick and easy” options that allow you to finish their dishes in under 30 minutes. These are perfect for those who want delicious, healthy meals but don’t have a lot of time or are relatively new to home cooking. Recipes focus on seasonal ingredients, and the kits offer tips on how to up your culinary game, should you have the time and the inclination. While the “quick and easy” plan has several options for elevating the meals, the Chef’s Choice plan is their much-lauded gourmet option. Whether your taste runs toward their “Scallion Mushroom Dumplings with Sesame Kale Salad and Kimchi Mayo” or “Crispy Harissa Tofu with Jeweled Israeli Couscous and Lemon-Mint Cucumbers,” you’ll savor every mouthful. SAKARA LIFE AT-HOME MEAL KITS If you are searching for a ready-to-eat, plant-based meal kit delivery service, Food & Wine also raves about Sakara Life – there’s no prepping, planning, or cooking involved. Slightly more expensive than many of the other meal kits, Food & Wine enjoys not only the sumptuous options, like “black garlic BBQ burger with pickles, superseed avocado salad, and roasted potato wedges,” but their attention to wellness overall. As the magazine explains, Sakara Life offers “six programs targeting a variety of wellness needs, like improving digestion and boosting energy.” It’s almost like having a nutritionist and a personal chef arrive at your door. HELLO FRESH AT-HOME MEALS Editors at Southern Living tasked themselves with finding restaurant-worthy at-home meal kits that their readers would love. Among their favorites is the popular Hello Fresh service. Southern Living reveals diners can “whip up chef-curated meals that will delight your Southern taste buds.” Although the magazine does offer this tongue-in-cheek warning: “It’s going to be tough to decide between Low Country Shrimp & Grits, BBQ Cheddar Pork Burgers, and Cheesy BBQ Pulled Chicken Bowls for dinner.” Hello Fresh also made Food & Wine’s list of the best gourmet at-home meal kits. The magazine notes: “As America’s most popular meal kit, HelloFresh is distinguished by its chef-designed recipes and easy-to-follow instructions. It offers four no-fuss plans with 20 different recipes every week—meat and veggies, vegetarian, low-calorie, and family-friendly—and allows you to customize your order by the number of meals and servings you want each week.” The service also allows you to change meals and pause your subscription easily. Of course, with options like “jammy pork tenderloin with shallot-thyme pan stuffing and roasted green beans” and “shrimp and zucchini ribbons with basil oil GOURMET CUISINE

22 23 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� over jasmine rice,” you won’t want to miss a dish. COOK UNITY SMALL BATCH MEALS Cook Unity is already making a splash in the gourmet at-home meal kit industry. The founders loved the idea of supporting local culinary scenes, so they formed partnerships with Michelin-starred chefs and other food innovators in your city to bring extraordinary gourmet meals to your door. The kits use fresh, sustainablysourced ingredients, and the service is constantly adding new recipes, so you’ll never get bored. The chef collective also considers dietary preferences as they are developing their offerings. Whether you are following the Whole30 diet, need lowsodium options, or want dairy-free dishes, you have meals from award-winning kitchens to support you. If you are into your local food scene, you’ll also love knowing which chef was behind the recipe and what the inspiration was. Whether you want to try the “Brisket Kefta with Roasted Leeks, Purple Sweet Potato” by chef Timothy Brice or the “Lentil Bolognese with Brown Rice Pasta” by Anne Thornton, you have the opportunity to learn more about the dish’s development and the macronutrient ratios behind your choices. BLUE APRON SERVICE Named “Best for Wine-Lovers,” Blue Apron continues to impress Food & Wine. The magazine reports: “The original meal kit delivery service, Blue Apron is a fan favorite for its consistent quality and clearly written chef-developed recipes. Everything comes pre-portioned for speedy prep, and all recipes are six steps and under.” This makes it ideal for anyone who enjoys home-cooked gourmet dishes (like their “seared scallops and mushroom risotto with chocolate-pistachio truffles”), but doesn’t want something too complicated after a long day of work. Of course, one of the ways Blue Apron distinguishes itself is with its wine pairings. The magazine reveals: “Blue Apron even offers its own wine program… It works directly with vineyards to select reds and whites that complement Blue Apron’s recipes, sending three 500-milliliter bottles with each delivery—the perfect amount for two people to share over a freshly prepared meal.” GOBBLE MEAL KITS Food & Wine and Parents magazines agree that Gobble is the way to go for quick, elevated meals. Food & Wine applauds: “This meal delivery service ships ingredients that are already peeled, chopped, measured, and marinated, so you can cook a fresh homemade meal in 15 minutes or less.” They love the chefdesigned gourmet menus, and that “quick” doesn’t mean skimping on taste – as their “Burmese shredded chicken with coconut rice and Burmese-style salad” and “Louisiana-style shrimp with white cheddar grits” confirm. Parents magazine loves the idea of being able to choose “Lean and Clean” plans that focus on “dishes with lean proteins and healthy fats,” as well as Classic meals that are “a little less calorie focused and a little more gourmet.” What is one of their favorite gourmet entrees? “Casareccia Pasta With Herb Truffle Buttered Mushrooms and Butternut Squash” is just one dish that had editors raving. Yum!

24 25 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� tempting GRAZING BOARDS for summer entertaining An irresistible grazing table filled with tantalizing snacking boards can take summer entertaining to the next level.While charcuterie boards are always welcome, expanding your offerings to include multiple curated boards will only impress.The key is to include a rich assortment of nibbles so that you have something delicious available to tempt nearly every palate and meet a variety of dietary preferences. Below, we share suggestions for elevating your summer entertaining by assembling an eye-catching grazing table outfitted with mouthwatering delicacies. GOURMET CUISINE THE ULTIMATE SUMMER CHEESE BOARD Food & Wine interviewed chef Eric Brazel from the famous Fig Restaurant in Santa Monica, California, to get his recommendations for creating a wonderfully decadent cheese board for summer entertaining. Brazel suggests choosing hard, aged options that can stand up to heat and some creamy choices that are wonderful alternatives to familiar favorites. For example, he loves adding

27 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� GOURMET CUISINE La Tur, an “Italian cheese made with cow, goat, and sheep milk … a variation of a Robiola cheese,” and a delicious alternative to traditional brie. Brazel also recommends using a variety of tangy goat cheese options, aged Gouda from the Netherlands, and French Ossau-Iraty. Of course, with an upscale cheese board, you’ll need to elevate the accoutrements. If you choose a Gorgonzola Dolce (among the cheese options Food & Wine loves), Brazel suggests complementing it with honeycomb, which “pairs so well with blue cheeses” and can be cubed for a better, easier-to-serve bite than liquid honey. If you want to include crackers, lean toward neutral flavors so that they don’t compete with or overpower the flavors of your chosen cheeses. Toasted nut breads bought at the local farmers’ market, unsalted almonds, firm stone fruit, and quince paste round out this ultimate cheese board deliciously. NIÇOISE PARTY BOARD Creating a snack board centered around a smoked salmon spread is an excellent way to kick off your summer entertaining plans. It’s one of EatingWell ’s favorite additions to grazing tables because it references the classic (and much loved) Niçoise salad while giving it an impressive update ideal for gatherings. The magazine raves about this board’s tempting selections: “Snappy green beans, fresh tomatoes, a medley of olives, and soft-boiled eggs sprinkled with chives and paprika serve as the ode to the classic [salad], while seeded crackers and mixed nuts add a crunchy upgrade.” When arranging this board, work from the center and move out, with the delectable smoked salmon cheese ball being the focus. Be sure to contain your olives in an eye-catching ramekin and place whole-grain mustard in a decorative jar near the salmon for easy spooning. MEDITERRANEAN APPETIZER BOARD As Mediterranean diets have become increasingly popular, party hosts have grappled with elegant ways to offer the flavors of the region while entertaining. EatingWell has developed a “bountiful” grazing board that will thrill anyone who loves Mediterranean food. You begin with “a duo of classic hummus and roasted eggplant dip [with sizzled garlic, which] offers dunking options for seeded crackers, carrot sticks, and raw fennel slices.” From there, “juicy grapes and dried apricots provide a sweet counterpart to salty prosciutto and feta cheese.” As a bonus, the board’s flavors pair beautifully with crisp, acidic summer wine favorites like Assyrtiko or Sauvignon Blanc. SOUTHERN DELIGHTS When hosting upscale gatherings for friends who love incredible Southern-style food (and who doesn’t), take your cue from Southern Living, which raves about its “Easy Summer Appetizer Board” filled with Southern delights. The magazine advises hosts that “no Southern appetizer board is complete without spicy-sweet pickled okra,” with their personal favorite being the much-lauded Wickles Wicked Okra. The drained and chilled okra is included on the grazing board with torn bread or crackers, white cheddar-chive pimiento cheese, whole-grain Dijon mustard, and salted pecans. According to the magazine, a bowl of Riesling peaches is a must, as is the addition of “thinly sliced salami, prosciutto, or country ham.” But if you really want to dazzle your guests, Southern Living recommends choosing a specialty salami that will thrill the taste buds. The magazine’s favorite? “Olli Salumeria salami, slow-cured in Virginia and found in gourmet grocery stores across the South.”

28 29 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� GOURMET CUISINE VEGAN CHARCUTERIE GRAZING BOARD If you have vegan or vegetarian guests, EatingWell ’s “Vegan Charcuterie Board” will be a welcome sight at your summer soiree. While you can substitute any of your favorite fresh, summer fruits and vegetables, “rainbow carrots and crisp pear slices offer refreshing crunch and visual appeal, while an assortment of seeded crackers and mini toasts make blank canvases for spreads and jams,” according to the magazine. They also applaud seeing apple slices, blackberries, and grapes as options on this vegan grazing board because they “lend a fresh and fruity finish.” As for the dips and jams, EatingWell nominates a dazzling “Vegan Lemon-Dill Cashew Dip” and sweetly spicy red pepper jelly. Not only is this vegan board thoroughly satisfying on its own, but you’ll love how it pairs with blanc or rosé Champagnes. THE NIBBLES While you may have already selected the main boards for your summer party, a selection of nibbles in decorative bowls is ideal for filling your grazing table and any gaps in flavors. For example, Food & Wine loves adding “Stilton-Stuffed Pickled Peppers” as an enhancer to already prepared cheese boards. The magazine calls the combination of “two high-impact ingredients—funky Stilton cheese and pickled sweet or spicy peppers” … the ultimate one-bite snack. And while this is a thrill at evening parties in the summer, it’s versatile enough to pair with heavier options come the fall. Are you a fan of homemade potato chips? You’ll love adding them to your grazing table. Food & Wine adores the idea of “[taking] those homemade potato chips and [serving] them with [a] herbed salmon tartare, prepared with both salmon fillet and hot-smoked salmon.” Crudités are a grazing table “must-have,” but their success often relies on the freshness of your produce and the intrigue of your dips. Food & Wine recommends swapping traditional dips for a “pistachio dip, which is deliciously salty and creamy.” A cool dip like baba ghanoush with roasted brussels sprouts and hazelnuts is an ideal complement to your prepared Mediterranean board. Trufflin Black Truffle Ranch dip, which is “infused with coldpressed black truffle oil,” is also among the magazine’s favorites for hosts anticipating summer entertaining. Not only does it work brilliantly with crudités, but it’s a terrific match for Pipcorn Truffle Corn Dippers (when the savory black truffle dippers aren’t being paired with caviar, of course).

30 31 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� create a home MEDITATION STUDIO When you create a meditation studio in your home, you are building an oasis of calm. Whether you want to start your morning centered or rid yourself of the stress accumulated after a hectic day, a meditation space will allow you to unwind and refocus. Below, we reveal some of our favorite tips on finding your way to Zen and creating a meditation studio in your own home. WELCOME NATURE INTO THE STUDIO Martha Stewart Living reminds us that “nature has long offered us a chance to reconnect,” and creating a meditation studio in a space where you can feel the breeze or hear birdsong “can be one step you take towards feeling calmer and more balanced.” If you have available backyard or LIFE & LEISURE

32 33 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� LIFE & LEISURE garden space, crafting a pergola-protected, outdoor meditation room is ideal for reaping the benefits of nature. Martha Stewart Living recommends building a space with a “defined entrance and focal point,” a water feature, “calming plants or vines,” and “a sense of enclosure and privacy.” From there, you’ll want to fill it with weather-proof accessories, including rugs or meditation pillows, to make the space comfortable for your daily sessions. If you want your studio to be inside your home, consider a sunroom or room with doors that open to a quiet outside environment. This way, you’ll still be able to enjoy the feeling of being connected to the world as you pursue your meditation goals. Even simply playing soothing nature sounds can be enough to facilitate your practice. Also, don’t hesitate to include plants in your new oasis. They automatically make a space more inviting, and some meditation experts believe that their ability to help clean toxins from the air means that plants can make breathwork easier. SOAK IN THE LIGHT The experts at MyDomaine agree that having access to nature’s gifts can beautifully support your practice and suggest that “there’s nothing like a little Vitamin D to warm up your body and relax your mind.” Sunrooms and spaces with skylights or banks of windows will help you create a meditation studio that allows light to fill the space. Said to “naturally improve your mood for an extra-calming boost,” natural light is an ideal partner for anyone seeking peace and inspiration through meditation. SET YOUR MEDITATION STUDIO’S COLOR PALETTE If you embrace Feng Shui practices in your life, you know how powerfully the energy of a room can be impacted by color. The Spruce confides that while no one color is the “best” when you set out to create a meditation studio, the magazine “[encourages] you to pay attention to what colors you’re attracted to and to listen to your intuition” as you focus on your intentions for your new space. Next, The Spruce recommends thinking about what qualities you want to cultivate and how they are associated with the five elements. Earth colors like yellow and brown are associated with stability, selfcare, and boundaries, whereas, according to the magazine, white and metallic hues are “connected to joy and precision”

34 35 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� and improved focus. Do your meditation intentions include promoting “vitality, growth, and healing?” Wood elements can be supportive, in which case you’ll want to lean into greens and blues in your space. The amount of color introduced into a studio varies. Energizing colors (like red) can be incorporated in small ways through accessories if you want your overall palette to remain soft or neutral. Meanwhile, vegan paints in whispery hues may be perfect for transforming your walls. Even if you are not a Feng Shui practitioner, color can impact your mood significantly. Interior designer Gala Magriñá explains to MyDomaine that she believes that “soft tonal colors” are among those that complement relaxation goals the best. Magriñá recommends “steering clear of bright, energizing colors, and sticking to warm whites, grays, and light earthy colors” while also choosing “designs with light wood, wide plank floors, and muted walls” for “lightness and serenity.” CHOOSE A TEXTURED RUG A textured area rug made from natural fibers is an excellent foundation for your new retreat. Not only does it offer you an opportunity to express your chosen color palette, but it’s the first step in providing your space the comfort you need to begin (or enhance) your meditation practice. Just take care to add a large enough rug for seated and kneeling positions, as well as any movement exercises you’d like to incorporate. Also, if you live in an area with cold winter weather, a rug will make early morning sessions even more enjoyable. INVEST IN LUXURIOUS MATS When practicing meditation, it’s essential to block out as many distractions as possible. This includes physical distractions that come from discomfort. If you love to position yourself on the floor, as many meditation practitioners do, Health recommends “investing in a comfortable seat [that] will make it a more pleasurable experience and help you stay focused.” What are the best options? Experts advise the magazine that “a soft, heightened surface supports your hips by lifting them and allowing them to roll forward slightly, and it also keeps your spine aligned and your lower back in its natural curve.” If you want to dress your new meditation studio with a large mat, Health notes the AJNA Velvet Zabuton Meditation Mat is among the best. Designed by a Yoga teacher, “the soft and luxurious velvet covering adds even more comfort to further your training,” whether sitting or kneeling. Are you looking for a mat and pillow set to enhance your meditation space? Health suggests investigating the LEEWADEE Meditation Cushion Set, which “includes a supportive sitting mat (27 x 31 inches) and a Zen cushion (16 inches), helping you to find proper spine alignment, a comfier position for knees and ankles, and a warmer, more inviting setting since the mat protects your limbs from cold floors in winter.” CREATE A SOFT GLOW For evening meditations or deep meditations in darker studios, you’ll want to create a softly illuminated environment. Candles, lights on dimmer switches, and delicate solar lanterns are all options that can support an inspiring, calm atmosphere. MyDomaine reports that “a diffuser or scented candle with calming scents like lavender and eucalyptus can work wonders for your mood.” For a splurge, consider adding an authentic pink Himalayan salt lamp when you start to decorate. BRING THE JOY When you create a meditation studio, don’t forget to add personal elements that make you feel calm and joyful. Do you have a favorite painting or print that can help you relax and visualize your goals? Add it to the studio. Pair a Bluetooth speaker to your computer or smartphone for guided meditations or soothing soundscapes to help you refine your practice. Also, feel free to include decorative items that can help you focus. Whether it is an exceptionally soft throw blanket, a woven art piece, or an inspiring statue, you can inventively transform your retreat to reflect your personality and your goals for the future. LIFE & LEISURE

36 37 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� COVERED DECK IDEAS for a gorgeous outdoor space Are you searching for covered deck ideas that offer beauty, functionality, and comfort? You are not alone. No matter how inviting an outdoor deck is, people will hunt for shade when the temperatures rise. Luckily, a gorgeous covered deck, complete with well-designed built-ins and architectural enhancements that reflect and complement your home’s style, can be yours with some patience and planning. If the weather has inspired you to take hosting and relaxation out of doors, read on as we reveal some of our favorite covered deck designs. LIFE & LEISURE

38 39 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� LIFE & LEISURE MID-CENTURY MODERN COVERED DECKS In most cases, you want to create an outdoor space that acts as a visual extension of your home’s design – this is particularly true when you are building a deck for a stylistically distinct Mid-Century Modern home. The best covered deck ideas offer a smooth blend of decorative and architectural elements and will leave your guests convinced that this elegant upgrade was always part of your home. Builder Corbin Moore, architect Dale Parks, and designer Magida Diouri recently created a stunning covered deck for a Mid-Century Modern home outside of Tampa Bay, Florida. The result? The Spruce applauds: “The deck flooring is constructed of concrete and Cumaru (an exotic hardwood), while the kitchen and deck’s ceiling is cypress. Repurposed terrazzo pavers lead from the water to the deck, which is also made of Cumaru.” Each element of the deck plays off the interior design beautifully and offers the family a true indoor/outdoor living option. TROPICAL BEACH VIBES Does your beach house deck need an upgrade? Whether you are right on the sand or have an elevated view of the ocean, it makes sense to consider covered deck ideas that make the most of your view and work with the upscale beach atmosphere. Designers at The Spruce loved Villa and Villa’s redesign of a rustic-chic, greyedout hardwood deck for a client in Sydney. There, designers worked with the hardwood color scheme and created a “wood-frame pergola [featuring] a thatch-style roof for a casual, tropical look” that “reflects the homeowners’ lifestyle in Sydney, Australia.” Designers at Cape Reed considered numerous ideas for a sustainable, elegant, and dramatic covered deck outside of a stunning home in Los Monteros, Marbella, Spain. The final structure, according to The Spruce, included “200 pressure-treated poles and more than 1,000 nuts and bolts,” as well as “thatching from the southern tip of Africa” used for the roof, which was “grown under strict, sustainable farming practices.” The look is exquisite and perfectly in keeping with the home’s style and the owners’ desire to create a space that would be ideal for entertaining all year long. OPEN ARBORS Open arbors can also take advantage of the beauty of thriving plants while offering a classic look and a relatively quicker construction period than many other covered deck ideas. Arbors are essentially smaller pergolas that feature simple slat roofs and, often, lattices. Open designs

40 41 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� allow more sunlight to filter onto the deck, making it appealing for sunbathing and container gardening. The clean, classic look of open arbors appeals to the editors at MyDomaine, who love that the “design is prime real estate for trailing plants, from classic grapevines to more tropical varieties that will add lush greenery with time.” LEAFY PERGOLAS Typically, pergolas are crafted with four or more posts, enjoy flat roofs, and feature beams or slats across the top of the structure. From there, you have a whole world of design options available – from adding cross beams to draped fabric or thick vines and hanging plants. This green approach is a key element in one of Southern Living’s favorite outdoor space transformations. In that design, the magazine reports, a “10-foot-wide by 30-foot-long iron pergola” was installed, and vibrant, flowering wisteria was planted at the base of the columns for easy vining. In time, this stunning design yielded “a leafy canopy overhead” and a fragrant retreat when the plants are in bloom. This approach is remarkably versatile, working wonderfully to produce fairytale hideaways, rustic outdoor dining rooms, and private entertaining spots for a wide variety of home styles. URBAN PERCHES Do you want to transform your terrace into an urban oasis? This was a task assigned to New Eco Landscapes of Brooklyn by a Manhattan high-rise property owner. Their answer, reported by The Spruce, was to “[create] an urban perch with warm wood decking and an angled sail that shades the outdoor dining area.” Moving from concrete to wood decking was an inspired choice for creating a more inviting, upscale atmosphere. The ample, perfectly designed shade sail covers diners while still leaving a section of terrace open to the sun. A mix of large and small containers filled with “low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plants and annuals” finish the look while providing vital natural elements and an added sense of privacy. FARMHOUSE FRAMING Classic farmhouse designs are timeless for a reason. The covered decks inspired by this type of architecture will instantly upgrade your outdoor space with a look that is both modern and traditional. You’ll love the results of building an open-rafter deck, particularly if you are hoping to create an entertaining space that includes an outdoor kitchen, plentiful seating, and impressive views of nature. Why an open-rafter farmhouse frame? MyDomaine reveals why this look is perfect, particularly during the warm weather months: “The open rafter area is ideal for letting the season’s breezes wisp through, and overhead fans can be added to help facilitate some flow when there’s no breeze to be found.” MULTI-LEVEL COVERED DECK Multi-level raised decks offer homeowners with steep lots the opportunity to house several outdoor entertaining and living areas. One of Better Homes & Gardens’ favorite multi-level deck ideas features a deck that “connects a gazebo, kitchen, and spa” with steps leading to various platforms. The charming gazebo at one end of the deck provides a perfectly appointed covered perch with “a view of birch, blue spruce, and aspen trees, with the Rocky Mountains in the distance.” Ample built-in seating is supplemented with occasional chairs so that the views can be admired comfortably. And while a large dining table by the outdoor kitchen serves large gatherings well, a cozy table in the gazebo is perfect for date nights and more intimate dinners. HINTS OF ADVENTURE Webber + Studio Inc. was recently tasked with recreating the romance of a homeowners’ adventures in Bali when designing three pavilions outside of their home in Austin, Texas. The builders explained to The Spruce that the “three pavilions [were] unified by a large roof that creates an exotic regionalism yet keeps an understated presence within the neighborhood.” The magazine also revealed: “One of the pavilions shelters a covered porch and uses Texas limestone, river rock, oak millwork, and mahogany finishes. The deck is made of ipe with birch plywood soffits.” The luxury redesign of this covered deck was an extraordinary success and created an exquisite outdoor living space that is irresistible any time of year.

42 43 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� STAGING WITH STYLE The pandemic changed the priorities people look for when touring a house, so staging your home for sale should reflect current homeowner needs.That could mean revitalizing outdoor patios to look as good as new or adding home office furniture that blends with the style of the house. Read on for a luxury staging guide that includes updated design trends. by JenniferAdams LIFE & LEISURE ENTRYWAY A welcoming entryway is full of space, light, and typically a beautiful object or piece of art. No matter how big or small, entryways should signal a sense of arrival and set the tone for your entire home. Even the smallest entry can feel open with a large mirror, table lamps, and walls in a pale tone. A wooden tray to hold keys, mail and phones will help contain the clutter. Even inside, a fresh indoor-outdoor area rug with a pattern in earthy colors will warm the space as nicely as it contains the dirt from the busiest in-person open houses. Just make sure its pile is low enough for the front door clearance. The front door itself – including the doorknob and locks – is the first and last place of a home a person will literally touch. So, make sure the entire door is clean or repainted inside and out, the locks work perfectly, and the knob or lever feels solid to give the impression of a well-maintained home. DINING ROOM The dining room is definitely still a thing! Even if it’s going to be used just once or twice a year for entertaining, most buyers still want to have that option. For most average size homes, choose a standard height table that can seat six people with lots of room to move around or expand for more people. Space is more important than the extra chairs, so consider using four chairs and a bench at the front side of the table for a cleaner, welcoming look. If there is room, use a buffet cabinet that is no higher than a counter. Tall furniture seems to loom overhead and make the room feel smaller, especially if it is darkcolored. Instead, add a beautiful mirror and a graceful pair of lamps for an airy feeling and extra light. It’s not necessary to stage the table with dishes and glassware. Instead, let the potential buyer envision their own family and personal dishware at the table. KITCHEN Clean, clean, clean everything, including the light switches, insides of all the drawers, appliances that are staying, and under the sink! Most buyers want to move right in, not spend time cleaning first. New shelf paper and paint can do a lot to update older cabinets if a remodel isn’t in the budget.