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28 29 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� GOURMET CUISINE VEGAN CHARCUTERIE GRAZING BOARD If you have vegan or vegetarian guests, EatingWell ’s “Vegan Charcuterie Board” will be a welcome sight at your summer soiree. While you can substitute any of your favorite fresh, summer fruits and vegetables, “rainbow carrots and crisp pear slices offer refreshing crunch and visual appeal, while an assortment of seeded crackers and mini toasts make blank canvases for spreads and jams,” according to the magazine. They also applaud seeing apple slices, blackberries, and grapes as options on this vegan grazing board because they “lend a fresh and fruity finish.” As for the dips and jams, EatingWell nominates a dazzling “Vegan Lemon-Dill Cashew Dip” and sweetly spicy red pepper jelly. Not only is this vegan board thoroughly satisfying on its own, but you’ll love how it pairs with blanc or rosé Champagnes. THE NIBBLES While you may have already selected the main boards for your summer party, a selection of nibbles in decorative bowls is ideal for filling your grazing table and any gaps in flavors. For example, Food & Wine loves adding “Stilton-Stuffed Pickled Peppers” as an enhancer to already prepared cheese boards. The magazine calls the combination of “two high-impact ingredients—funky Stilton cheese and pickled sweet or spicy peppers” … the ultimate one-bite snack. And while this is a thrill at evening parties in the summer, it’s versatile enough to pair with heavier options come the fall. Are you a fan of homemade potato chips? You’ll love adding them to your grazing table. Food & Wine adores the idea of “[taking] those homemade potato chips and [serving] them with [a] herbed salmon tartare, prepared with both salmon fillet and hot-smoked salmon.” Crudités are a grazing table “must-have,” but their success often relies on the freshness of your produce and the intrigue of your dips. Food & Wine recommends swapping traditional dips for a “pistachio dip, which is deliciously salty and creamy.” A cool dip like baba ghanoush with roasted brussels sprouts and hazelnuts is an ideal complement to your prepared Mediterranean board. Trufflin Black Truffle Ranch dip, which is “infused with coldpressed black truffle oil,” is also among the magazine’s favorites for hosts anticipating summer entertaining. Not only does it work brilliantly with crudités, but it’s a terrific match for Pipcorn Truffle Corn Dippers (when the savory black truffle dippers aren’t being paired with caviar, of course).