"The Distinctive Life" presented by the Distinctive Collection

44 45 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� LIFE & LEISURE BEDROOM The bedroom should be all about sleeping and relaxing. Think everything soft, calm, and tranquil. Pale neutral colors along with rich textures are just as inviting as they are soothing. In any bedroom, the bed should be the star of the entire room. In the main bedroom, leave enough space on both sides for nightstands. A lovely headboard with just a simple bed frame keeps the room looking more open than a bed with posts or a footboard. Consider staging a queen-size bed rather than a king for a more spacious feel in smaller main or guest bedrooms, along with beautiful, fluffy linens that just make you want to crawl right in.Add at least four sleeping pillows, a few accent pillows, and a luxurious throw blanket. Besides the bed, include a pair of nightstands, each with its own lamp and a low dresser, also with a lamp. Other furniture could include a bench at the end of the bed only if there is lots of room to walk around it, and perhaps a reading chair with an ottoman, end table and floor lamp. Leave out desks, exercise equipment and other non-sleeping or clothing storage furniture. Kids’ rooms look good with a single twin bed loft to create a spacious view of the floor. Keep the overall décor in tune with the style of the house -- avoid obvious young kid themes such as dinosaurs because Keep the counters clear except for one or two vignettes, such as a coffee maker in a logical place along with a couple of cups. A bag of freshly ground coffee is an inviting aroma to most and also helps mask other odors! And seeing one such appliance shows how much room is on the counter. Accessorizing with fresh lemons in a bowl or tall branches in a simple vase is a great way to add texture and interest without adding clutter. And, these are low maintenance, hypoallergenic, and will look (and smell) great in-between showings! LIVING ROOM Howmany people will likely occupy this home? Provide enough seating for that number plus a couple of guests so potential buyers can visualize their family relaxing together. A sectional, even if it’s a small one, looks luxurious, inviting, and sometimes less cluttered than a separate sofa and armchairs. Consider angling it slightly to face both the TV or fireplace, as well as the place where people generally would enter the room. A generous coffee table is appealing to both families with kids as well as couples who entertain regularly. Add end tables sparingly to keep the floor looking open, but don’t leave a chair on its own without a place to set a coffee cup nearby. Floor lamps are great ways to add light without adding extra end tables. Fill bookcases only about a third of the way to give the sense of lots of available storage space. If your books don’t look coordinated, an easy trick is to turn all the jackets inside out. It gives the shelves a more modern, unified look. Use books in good condition only. Artful objects, such as these handwoven baskets and accessories, add variety and texture. jenniferadams.com/products/medium-silver-blue-umuseke-basket Contrast neutral walls and other earthy tones with a bit of color on the bed, such as white contrasted by clay tones as in this Lux Collection Solid Sheet Set from Jennifer Adams, or in navy or slate blue. jenniferadams.com/products/lux-sheet-set