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42 43 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� STAGING WITH STYLE The pandemic changed the priorities people look for when touring a house, so staging your home for sale should reflect current homeowner needs.That could mean revitalizing outdoor patios to look as good as new or adding home office furniture that blends with the style of the house. Read on for a luxury staging guide that includes updated design trends. by JenniferAdams LIFE & LEISURE ENTRYWAY A welcoming entryway is full of space, light, and typically a beautiful object or piece of art. No matter how big or small, entryways should signal a sense of arrival and set the tone for your entire home. Even the smallest entry can feel open with a large mirror, table lamps, and walls in a pale tone. A wooden tray to hold keys, mail and phones will help contain the clutter. Even inside, a fresh indoor-outdoor area rug with a pattern in earthy colors will warm the space as nicely as it contains the dirt from the busiest in-person open houses. Just make sure its pile is low enough for the front door clearance. The front door itself – including the doorknob and locks – is the first and last place of a home a person will literally touch. So, make sure the entire door is clean or repainted inside and out, the locks work perfectly, and the knob or lever feels solid to give the impression of a well-maintained home. DINING ROOM The dining room is definitely still a thing! Even if it’s going to be used just once or twice a year for entertaining, most buyers still want to have that option. For most average size homes, choose a standard height table that can seat six people with lots of room to move around or expand for more people. Space is more important than the extra chairs, so consider using four chairs and a bench at the front side of the table for a cleaner, welcoming look. If there is room, use a buffet cabinet that is no higher than a counter. Tall furniture seems to loom overhead and make the room feel smaller, especially if it is darkcolored. Instead, add a beautiful mirror and a graceful pair of lamps for an airy feeling and extra light. It’s not necessary to stage the table with dishes and glassware. Instead, let the potential buyer envision their own family and personal dishware at the table. KITCHEN Clean, clean, clean everything, including the light switches, insides of all the drawers, appliances that are staying, and under the sink! Most buyers want to move right in, not spend time cleaning first. New shelf paper and paint can do a lot to update older cabinets if a remodel isn’t in the budget.