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40 41 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� allow more sunlight to filter onto the deck, making it appealing for sunbathing and container gardening. The clean, classic look of open arbors appeals to the editors at MyDomaine, who love that the “design is prime real estate for trailing plants, from classic grapevines to more tropical varieties that will add lush greenery with time.” LEAFY PERGOLAS Typically, pergolas are crafted with four or more posts, enjoy flat roofs, and feature beams or slats across the top of the structure. From there, you have a whole world of design options available – from adding cross beams to draped fabric or thick vines and hanging plants. This green approach is a key element in one of Southern Living’s favorite outdoor space transformations. In that design, the magazine reports, a “10-foot-wide by 30-foot-long iron pergola” was installed, and vibrant, flowering wisteria was planted at the base of the columns for easy vining. In time, this stunning design yielded “a leafy canopy overhead” and a fragrant retreat when the plants are in bloom. This approach is remarkably versatile, working wonderfully to produce fairytale hideaways, rustic outdoor dining rooms, and private entertaining spots for a wide variety of home styles. URBAN PERCHES Do you want to transform your terrace into an urban oasis? This was a task assigned to New Eco Landscapes of Brooklyn by a Manhattan high-rise property owner. Their answer, reported by The Spruce, was to “[create] an urban perch with warm wood decking and an angled sail that shades the outdoor dining area.” Moving from concrete to wood decking was an inspired choice for creating a more inviting, upscale atmosphere. The ample, perfectly designed shade sail covers diners while still leaving a section of terrace open to the sun. A mix of large and small containers filled with “low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plants and annuals” finish the look while providing vital natural elements and an added sense of privacy. FARMHOUSE FRAMING Classic farmhouse designs are timeless for a reason. The covered decks inspired by this type of architecture will instantly upgrade your outdoor space with a look that is both modern and traditional. You’ll love the results of building an open-rafter deck, particularly if you are hoping to create an entertaining space that includes an outdoor kitchen, plentiful seating, and impressive views of nature. Why an open-rafter farmhouse frame? MyDomaine reveals why this look is perfect, particularly during the warm weather months: “The open rafter area is ideal for letting the season’s breezes wisp through, and overhead fans can be added to help facilitate some flow when there’s no breeze to be found.” MULTI-LEVEL COVERED DECK Multi-level raised decks offer homeowners with steep lots the opportunity to house several outdoor entertaining and living areas. One of Better Homes & Gardens’ favorite multi-level deck ideas features a deck that “connects a gazebo, kitchen, and spa” with steps leading to various platforms. The charming gazebo at one end of the deck provides a perfectly appointed covered perch with “a view of birch, blue spruce, and aspen trees, with the Rocky Mountains in the distance.” Ample built-in seating is supplemented with occasional chairs so that the views can be admired comfortably. And while a large dining table by the outdoor kitchen serves large gatherings well, a cozy table in the gazebo is perfect for date nights and more intimate dinners. HINTS OF ADVENTURE Webber + Studio Inc. was recently tasked with recreating the romance of a homeowners’ adventures in Bali when designing three pavilions outside of their home in Austin, Texas. The builders explained to The Spruce that the “three pavilions [were] unified by a large roof that creates an exotic regionalism yet keeps an understated presence within the neighborhood.” The magazine also revealed: “One of the pavilions shelters a covered porch and uses Texas limestone, river rock, oak millwork, and mahogany finishes. The deck is made of ipe with birch plywood soffits.” The luxury redesign of this covered deck was an extraordinary success and created an exquisite outdoor living space that is irresistible any time of year.