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38 39 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� LIFE & LEISURE MID-CENTURY MODERN COVERED DECKS In most cases, you want to create an outdoor space that acts as a visual extension of your home’s design – this is particularly true when you are building a deck for a stylistically distinct Mid-Century Modern home. The best covered deck ideas offer a smooth blend of decorative and architectural elements and will leave your guests convinced that this elegant upgrade was always part of your home. Builder Corbin Moore, architect Dale Parks, and designer Magida Diouri recently created a stunning covered deck for a Mid-Century Modern home outside of Tampa Bay, Florida. The result? The Spruce applauds: “The deck flooring is constructed of concrete and Cumaru (an exotic hardwood), while the kitchen and deck’s ceiling is cypress. Repurposed terrazzo pavers lead from the water to the deck, which is also made of Cumaru.” Each element of the deck plays off the interior design beautifully and offers the family a true indoor/outdoor living option. TROPICAL BEACH VIBES Does your beach house deck need an upgrade? Whether you are right on the sand or have an elevated view of the ocean, it makes sense to consider covered deck ideas that make the most of your view and work with the upscale beach atmosphere. Designers at The Spruce loved Villa and Villa’s redesign of a rustic-chic, greyedout hardwood deck for a client in Sydney. There, designers worked with the hardwood color scheme and created a “wood-frame pergola [featuring] a thatch-style roof for a casual, tropical look” that “reflects the homeowners’ lifestyle in Sydney, Australia.” Designers at Cape Reed considered numerous ideas for a sustainable, elegant, and dramatic covered deck outside of a stunning home in Los Monteros, Marbella, Spain. The final structure, according to The Spruce, included “200 pressure-treated poles and more than 1,000 nuts and bolts,” as well as “thatching from the southern tip of Africa” used for the roof, which was “grown under strict, sustainable farming practices.” The look is exquisite and perfectly in keeping with the home’s style and the owners’ desire to create a space that would be ideal for entertaining all year long. OPEN ARBORS Open arbors can also take advantage of the beauty of thriving plants while offering a classic look and a relatively quicker construction period than many other covered deck ideas. Arbors are essentially smaller pergolas that feature simple slat roofs and, often, lattices. Open designs