"The Distinctive Life" presented by the Distinctive Collection

46 47 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 10 LIFE & LEISURE ceiling help outdoor spaces feel even more like the indoors as they help shield the sun and allow the area to stay warmer and less breezy. NEW TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT It’s easier than ever to have connected technology in every room of the house, indoors and out, that we can monitor remotely from our phones. Security systems such as Ring also have a social component with neighborhood forums online, which can help local police solve crimes, and let you know when a package is delivered. In addition, smart refrigerators monitor the contents, update your grocery list, and order delivery. Even the garage is getting connected to better monitor electric car chargers and software upgrades to the Tesla car and others! Landscaping sprinkler systems and lighting are programmable for water conservation and efficiency. Heating systems, indoor lighting, automatic window treatments, and more also save energy throughout the house. Solar panels and other alternate energy sources can also be monitored for efficacy. OUTDOOR RECREATION ACCESS The ease of working remotely and having food and merchandise delivered during the pandemic made people notice that living close to a city wasn’t as important as access to outdoor recreation. As a result, many moved or spent extended “workcations” further away from urban centers.