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10 11 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGN SPLURGE ON A HANDCRAFTED BED If you are dissatisfied with your current bed and desire additional storage but aren’t prepared to commit to a major renovation right now, Martha Stewart Living recommends either getting a storage bed custom-made or choosing an elegant option from one of your preferred furnituremakers. One of the magazine’s favorite luxury options is the “‘Hudson’ Bed with Storage Drawers” from Room & Board. In fact, they ranked it as having the best drawer storage of all the options they sampled. Why is this pricey bed a favorite? Martha Stewart Living raves: “This handcrafted storage bed is worth the wait, as it is handmade in West Virginia by skilled artisans. With four storage drawers, you can tuck away everything from out of season clothes and accessories to extra bed linens and pillows.” If you like this bedroom idea but want something even more customizable, the magazine recommends splurging on the ‘Matera’ bed from DWR. The bed fits six drawers, which can be altered to meet your needs, as can the headboard. Even if you love your bed, reupholstering or swapping out the headboard can positively impact your space. The Spruce reveals: “Many designer bedrooms have big, beautiful upholstered headboards as a key design element. That’s because it’s an easy way to create focus, depth, and texture in the room.” For a visual pop, experts tell the magazine that a tufted headboard offers “maximum texture.” Meanwhile, recovering a headboard (or buying a new one) in velvet creates an “opulent look.” You can choose dramatic colors to hold focus, or you can select a neutral headboard so that it will work well with any bedding color you desire. UPDATEYOUR BEDROOM CURTAINS As Martha Stewart Living reports, “curtains not only tie the room together, but they can also play a role in our circadian rhythm, which is our internal clock that tells our body when it’s time to rest.” That makes it all the more important that your bedroom curtains or drapes are not only beautiful to look at but designed to block out extra light. Cotton is among the most popular curtain fabrics because it is light and easy to care for. Silk has an undoubtedly luxurious feel to it, but experts caution the magazine that even textured silk “‘will show water and UV damage faster than other fabrics.’” One of the most sumptuous bedroom ideas is hanging curtains made from velvet. Why? Experts tell Martha Stewart Living that it is a divine choice because “‘velvet is heavy and excellent for insulating your windows from cold drafts and hot summer days.’” It’s also perfect for adding privacy to your space and keeping out extraneous light. INCORPORATE A LUXURIOUS RUG Don’t be afraid to enliven your bedroom by placing a colorful area rug underneath your bed – even if you have carpeting. Designer Baylee Floyd of Baylee Deion Design raves to Martha Stewart Living that “‘I love to layer large vintage and fun patterned rugs over outdated bedroom carpet to give it that layered and cozy feel that will instantly refresh your space.’” Even if your main carpet is new, you may opt to lay down a silk area rug or a small sheepskin rug for a pampering bit of luxury for your feet. ADD LARGE-SCALE DECOR Don’t underestimate the transformation possible just by adding a single piece of large-scale décor. Designer Tiffani Stutzman reveals to The Spruce that she enjoys incorporating an oversized “slipper chair covered in velvet” because bringing texture into the room is a bedroom idea that provides “a layer of opulence and comfort.” Designers at MyDomaine agree. The magazine applauds adding an oversized mirror to bedrooms. Their reasoning? “Largescale pieces add a sense of regality and stateliness to a space that smaller pieces can’t.” Whether you hang a large-scale, vintage sunburst mirror or lean a floor mirror in a gilded frame against a wall, you’ll be enchanted by the feeling of expansiveness and renewal it brings to your bedroom.