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8 9 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� SELECT INSPIRING LIGHTING Elevating your bedroom décor may be as easy as choosing inspiring lighting. Martha Stewart Living advises: “A soothing ambience is often achieved with several kinds of lighting fixtures—an overhead light for general illumination, wall sconces on either side of the mirror for dressing, or a table lamp on the nightstand for reading, for example.” If you want to create a tranquil, stately, and custom environment, think about installing statement pieces as overhead lighting. Picture a pair of matching pendant lights framing each side of the bed. Options like Moroccan-inspired double prism frosted lanterns or antique 1960s crackle glass and brass pendants are among our favorite bedroom ideas for a glamorous refresh. Modern drop chandeliers can dazzle as they reflect a silvery palette. Gilded crystal chandeliers work exquisitely in contemporary bedrooms, as well as traditional ones, and crystal chandeliers offer an immediate burst of luxury while also making the space feel cohesively designed. Finally, don’t hesitate to make your overhead statement light a true work of art. Commission a piece from a local artisan who can craft something uniquely stunning to illuminate your room. REFRESHYOURWALLS There is no doubt that color can set the tone for a room. Traditional bedroom ideas tend to play on neutrals, although recent trends hint that deeper hues are fast becoming more popular. Tiffani Stutzman of Tiffani Stutzman Design cheers this new trend in an interview with The Spruce and even suggests choosing “navy blue, plum, or sage green” to create an inspiring space. If your bedroom has tall ceilings, designers suggest to MyDomaine that a refresh can go big with “a patterned or textured wallpaper.” MyDomaine reveals that this wallpaper “gives the space a moody feel and keeps the eye interested.” And contrary to once-held theory, the magazine advises trying wallpaper in darker colors even when there is little natural light because the dark shades “can help the space feel cozier.” COMMISSION CEILING ARTWORK Even if you do decide to paint your walls a light neutral, you can bring drama to the space by creating a new design for your bedroom ceiling. MyDomaine is a fan of this bedroom idea as “statement ceilings are perhaps the easiest way to add a cool and unexpected element to your space.” You can choose a lighter or darker shade of the color that already adorns your walls. If you have white walls, your ceiling can be a bold color choice that references your bed linens, pillows, or furniture upholstery. Gold leaf on the ceiling can finish a space to extraordinary effect, and dramatic patterned wallpaper can elevate your room instantly. Of course, to create a genuinely bespoke bedroom, indulge the temptation to commission a ceiling mural that captures the imagination.