"The Distinctive Life" presented by the Distinctive Collection

14 15 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume �� LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGN GORGEOUS RANGEHOODS Range hoods are an absolutemust-have formany kitchen remodels but don't feel compelled to choose fromthe traditional metal options. MyDomaine suggests: "Instead, you can snag awood-lined range hood cover—and yes, you canprobably findone thatmatches your cabinets." If you areworried that your wood accented appliances andoverall kitchendesignwon't feel dynamic enough, themagazine offers this solution: "Consider layering different wood stains. Snag a light stain for your island, a slightly darker one for your range cover, and an evendarker one for your shelves." It's a brilliant way tobring indifferent textures and hues tomake your design choices pop. WOODACCENTED SUB-ZERO REFRIGERATORS Sub-zero refrigerators are among themost requestedappliances for large-scale kitchen renovations and remodels. While stainless steel, blackmatte steel, and even colorful vintage-inspiredmodels have dominated, a nature-inspiredoption is growing in popularity. For brands like Fisher &Paykel Appliances, bringingwoodaccents into the kitchen is a breeze. For a premium, they can customize the front panels and the handles of your refrigerator tomeet your design goals while still providing ample storage space, ActiveSmart Foodcare, and energy efficiency.