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14 15 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 10 LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGN SLEEP BETTER WITH BOLD BLUES Conventional wisdom suggested that bedroom wall colors should be muted, relying on beige or white hues to achieve a calming effect. A new study, reported on by Southern Living, throws that assumption for a loop. The magazine's editors write: “According to Sleep Junkie, a website designed to deliver tips and data to support a better night’s sleep, beige in the bedroommight not be as soothing a hue as it’s painted out to be.” In fact, those who slept more soundly had bold wall colors in their bedrooms that were on the ROYGBIV scale, “with the most well-rested respondents sporting bedrooms in blue and purple.” Experts at Southern Living posited that even the most vivid blues evoked a sense of serenity. At the same time, purple “is often associated with wealth, wisdom, creativity, and magic, which can make for some dynamite end-of-day inspiration (and perhaps some pretty interesting dreams).” RETHINK AN ALLWHITE KITCHEN All-white kitchens are perennial favorites. They are classic, elegant and never feel dated. However, interior designers saw a marked increase over the last two years of dramatic colors, not just on the walls but also on the cabinets and surrounds. Hannah Yeo, Color Marketing and Development Manager at Benjamin Moore, told Martha Stewart Living that she expects to see shades of green dominating throughout upscale homes this year, as homeowners continue to want to connect their interiors to nature and find inspiration in a room that is seeing greater activity than ever. While some will adopt lighter sage green options, Yeo predicts darker shades, like Cushing Green, will also get attention. Architect Bill Ingram agrees that a bold green color on walls and cabinetry can create a stunning and cohesive space. He explains to Southern Living that among his favorite colors is the bright and dramatic “Sherwin-Williams Evergreens (SW 6447),” which he added throughout a recent project, from the Thermador hood to the refrigerator surround, across the kitchen island and over the walls and doorways. When done well, it’s another example of bold