"The Distinctive Life" presented by the Distinctive Collection

17 bhgrecollection.com | Volume �� | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® 16 LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGN Suppose a retro-inspiredoption ismore to your liking. In that case, Smegwill allowyou to fully personalize your refrigerator's shell, with everything fromwoodpaneling painted tomatch your kitchen's palette toporcelain exteriors paintedwith recreations of famous paintings or fashiondesigners. Thiswork can be expensive – one-of-a-kindprojectswill cost upwards of $40,000. Themost luxurious refrigerator available today is theMeneghini LaCambusa. Starting with a base price of $41,500, thismodel features an all-wooden exterior. It canbe painted inmore than 500 different colors tomatchor contrast with your kitchen cabinetry and is crafted to look like apiece of antique furniture. This stunning refrigerator also includes a state-of-the-art refrigeration and freezer system, a built-in coffee system byMiele, a flat-screenTV, and a temperaturecontrolledpantry to keep your dry goods, cooking oils, and spices at their peak freshness. ELEGANTWINE CHILLERS Wine, beer, andother beverage chillers are more popular now than ever for high-end remodels, particularly those fromluxury brands likeMonogram. As The Spruce raves: "Awine fridge doesmore than just keep your pinots and rosés chilled, it actually looks like amillionbucks in your kitchen."Whilemany people prefer tohave glass front doors on their beverage centers, there are stunning ways of customizing these applianceswith wood elements. One of The Spruce's favoritewine chillers features a bank of wood accented appliances. Thewine chiller sits next to a sub-zero refrigerator. The doors of both applianceswere replacedwith customwood doors painted in an eye-catching peacock blue, although the chiller has a glass insert to reveal its contents. Awood surround stained the same color as the shelves visible through the glass front of the chiller beautifully frames both appliances,making it appear as though theywere built into thewall. The overall effect is a surprising combinationof dazzling andunderstated elegance. WRAPPED DISHWASHERS If youwould love to include adouble dishwasher in your newkitchenbut don't love the classic look of the appliances, you are not alone. Whether you covet a double dishwasher drawer by Café or a top-control by ZLine, you canhave the front panel replaced for a customdesign. From unfinishedwoodpanels to colorful enamel options, you can combine a number of finishes andhardware styles toperfectly personalize your dishwasher – one of the hardest working appliances in your home. HIDDENAPPLIANCES Hidden kitchens canmask your culinary secrets. A favored concept outside of theUnitedStates, the trend ismaking homeowners' wish lists here this year. The idea is a simple one – create adesign system that hides all of your storage shelves and kitchen appliances (big and small) behind beautifully craftedwoodaccented cabinetry. You'll love thisminimalist approach, whether you favor sleek,modern styles, Frenchcountry décor, or industrial rustic options. It creates a cohesive décor while also keeping potential clutter fromsight. Southern Living is a fan. Themagazine reveals one of their favorite kitchendesigns: "Layered inwood fromfloor to ceiling, the Hierses' kitchenwould convert even the most ardent city slicker into a lover of all things handmade andhewn."Most of their applianceswerewrapped in salvaged, old-growthheart pine – beautiful to look at andappealing to anyone looking for a sustainable approach to their newkitchen décor. Are youunsure about introducingmultiple woodfinishes throughout your kitchen space? The Spruce understands the reservations but has recently become a fan of the approach. Over the last fewyears, one of their favorite kitchen redesigns "boasts three different tones and even includes a chevron applicationon the single cabinet that houses the refrigerator." The result offers intriguing dimension andappealing texturewhile still embracing a neutral palette and a nature-inspireddesign that impresses all who gravitate towards the heart of this home.