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18 19 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 10 elegant DINNER PARTY DESSERT ideas As you put your dinner party menu together, don’t forget to include an assortment of decadent desserts. From bittersweet chocolate mousse to Champagne-glazed strawberries, each sumptuous bite of these dessert ideas will wow your guests and end the evening in style. MINI STRAWBERRYTARTS Mini strawberry tarts have caught the eye of the food editors at Southern Living. Described as “elegant and accessible,” these dinner party treats are full of flavor and the perfect idea for hosts looking for something light, satisfying and beautiful. In fact, you might love this blend of strawberries, lemon juice, cream cheese, and whipped cream so much that you’ll want it as a delectable option for all of your upscale parties. GOURMET CUISINE BUTTERED RUM MELTAWAYS Are you looking for the perfect aromatic cookie to tempt your guests? The food editors at Martha Stewart Living love serving buttered rummeltaways on sophisticated trays or wrapping them up and slipping them into award season party gift bags. The magazine applauds these “melt-in-yourmouth cookies filled with subtle undertones of dark rum, vanilla, and spices” that are “safe for all taste buds,” as the alcohol evaporates during baking. What does remain