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34 35 bhgrecollection.com | | THE DISTINCTIVE LIFE® Volume 10 LIFE & LEISURE tangled, scratched, or tarnished in a jewelry box? When creating your built-ins or designing the drawers for your closet island, make shallow drawers and fill them with velvet-lined trays to support your collection perfectly. Is it a splurge? Yes, but it is also a sophisticated closet organization tip that can help you preserve your priceless items. CREATE A BOUTIQUE FEEL Because our focus is typically on the practicalities of creating a closet organization system, we often forget about the atmosphere we are creating. You want your walk-in closet or dressing room to be a place that is welcoming and inspiring. One of Southern Living editors’ favorite closet decorating tips advises that “a little pattern or texture (like a sheepskin rug) will instantly transform your storage space into a zone that you respect just as much as any other room in the house.” If you have the square footage, add a plush settee for relaxation. Place a vanity in the space so that you can also apply makeup and style your hair. Paint the walls a soothing or inspiring shade of blue, green, or purple. Consider adding patterned wallpaper to back your shelves or cubbies. For a truly elevated space, take note of one of Better Homes & Gardens' designer's favorite walk-in closets: “As pretty as a silklined jewelry box, this walk-in closet sports tufted fabric walls that soften the room’s functional floor-to-ceiling shelves.” Stools, step ladders, and sliding ladders can be handy if your walk-in closet has high ceilings. They allow you to access seasonal or rarely used items stored on the highest shelves without a lot of fuss. Without the step stool or ladder, the highest shelves risk becoming a space that is either underused or a place where things are hidden and never seen again. INVEST IN MOOD LIGHTING From adding a small chandelier (one of the experts at Southern Living’s favorite decorative touches) to the “dimmable remote-controlled LEDs in all the cabinets” added to Martha Stewart’s closet conversion, you want to be mindful of your lighting options. No matter how much you invest in following the experts’ closet organization tips, your space may still feel unappealing if you can’t see well enough to navigate inside it or it is so bright that it feels harsh and unwelcoming. If you have windows in your new closet, you need to consider how UV rays might impact the color of exposed clothing fabric. Martha Stewart Living reports that Stewart addressed both the need for protection and creating a mood in elegant ways; “Martha had solar shades installed (they’re sheer but block color-fading UV rays), along with antique Dutch hammered-brass sconces to cast a warm glow.” It’s now a closet that truly marries exquisite style and function.