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Style and comfort guide the latest trends to storm the home décor world. Some trends are in the midst of experiencing a resurgence while others are the new kids on the block. Luxury interior design makes a home more than just four walls and a place to sleep. Discover the trends that work for your home and personality. The greatest luxury of all is being able to choose home décor that suits your needs. Design your luxury by visiting the Distinctive Collection by Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate.

Chandeliers have always announced style to discerning visitors upon walking into a home. Go beyond the entryway with traditional or modern statement lighting that does not have to overtake a room. Now is the time to think outside traditional light fixtures with dazzling lanterns and unique lamps that can blend in with, support or stand out from a home’s style personality. Try adding lighting in bedrooms, bathrooms and outdoor spaces that will effortlessly flow with any aesthetic theme. Consider the home’s style and the space it will go in – a signature lighting piece should fit the scale of a room without dominating it.

Stealthy luxury begins with this ancient material celebrated by Greeks and Romans. Marble is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and that should not be a surprise given its prominence in home décor throughout the ages. However, the use of marble has been updated to fit contemporary times. Entire walls of marble can be luxurious focal points, or consider using them on kitchen islands, bathroom ceilings and as door trim. Use sparingly in compact spaces and opt for mini tiles of the celebrated material for a dynamic style flow. One of the best parts of this marble trend is that it complements the popularity of gray as the new neutral. The veining in marble is a chic gray that contrasts pleasantly with bright colors and also blends in with other neutrals.

In the design world, ceilings are no longer expected to be flat and white. Known as the fifth wall, they are now getting the attention they deserve as more homeowners are looking up to great design. Architectural elements and details include arches, contrast beams, vaulting and paint. Upward design can give any room a unique character that leaves a lasting impression on family and visitors. Popular designs include tray, beam and cove ceilings. Get inspired to add flair to announce your style aspirations by incorporating natural light and bright colors. If a more traditional route is desired, look into advanced skylights that will stun with nature and flattering illumination. When painting a ceiling, keep in mind lighter colors make walls appear higher while darker hues give the appearance of visually lowered ceilings. As far as finishes, satin sheens play well with natural light.

Until recently, kitchens were the room in the house where homeowners invested most. Master suites are the new living space, and His and Hers bathrooms are just what the doctor ordered! With more husbands and wives sharing the role of breadwinner these days, spaces to escape it all for a bit of “me time” have grown in popularity. The trend toward these types of bathrooms incorporates specific amenities for him and her. Masculine-oriented bathrooms should embody modern simplicity and cleaner lines. A view to the outside is recommended to evoke the inner outdoorsman. Soft, muted colors create a feminine vibe on her side, with a clawfoot bathtub as the piece de resistance.

Dressing rooms
In the 18th century, dressing rooms were the only space women of means had to themselves. These rooms have slowly been making a comeback as homes have become less about function and more about style. The spaces dedicated to shoes, clothes and accessories allow for practical indulgence. Homeowners can have quick access to the space from the bedroom and bathroom to begin their day with a touch of privacy. Guests can spend some time in these rooms when the living room feels cold, but the bedroom is too personal. Lighting is key when working with dressing rooms. Shelves can be illuminated, but overhead lighting is a must. Chandeliers can add a glamorous element to the personal space while lamps create a cozier vibe. Mirrors should be installed at the end of the room if there is not at least one full-length reflective surface. Take care to install mirrors facing doorways to amplify the space.

Color palettes
The right color combinations represent luxury, sophistication and character. Navy and crisp whites are the most classic color palette, while dark blues bring drama and weight to a room. Neutrals have become the standard palette for most rooms. A black and white scheme can invite the heyday of Hollywood glamour to homes. Gold can make any space feel like Fort Knox while red brings a visual thrill. Black brings mystery to a room while announcing the homeowner to be elegantly discerning with their color choices. A spectrum of greens fit perfectly with Pantone’s selection of the versatile, lush hue as Color of the Year. Brown is a wholesome choice that conjures a sense of earthiness. Blues sooth and bring tranquility to a space, no matter the shade selected. Announce your nobility with purple, while yellows add cheer.

White kitchens will always be in style. The color gives off a clean vibe in what might be the messiest room in the house, and it also makes the space appear larger and more open. The way to play around with kitchens is with a variety of styles. Think modern, traditional, country and much more. To balance the airiness of a white kitchen, install colorful backsplashes and a spectrum of cabinet hues. With a pristine backdrop, cabinets and flooring can be presented in light or dark wood. Stainless steel appliances are always welcome in white kitchens. Allow the versatility of a white kitchen inspire you to new styles and colors.

Wallpaper can whisper, shout or sing, depending on the intended style and the homeowner’s personality. Recently, this style staple has been offering new twists for the discerning tastemaker, appearing as fully papered or accent walls for any room. Animals, from owls to zebra prints, and fruit like pineapples have been popular motifs throughout the centuries. Geometric patterns can infuse a space with a futuristic or modern look. Feminine florals are perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms, especially as accents walls to accompany vanities. Charm a space with a whimsical or retro pattern. Give a windowless room, from laundry rooms to garages, an elegant spin with gray-infused designs or a sophisticated damask. The tactile experience of embossed wallpaper, which has a slightly raised surface, can elevate the presence of a room’s mood. Oversized prints continue to gain in popularity, while the most luxurious choice is hand-painted selections to add elegance and creativity to a home. The choice is yours!

Metal finishes announce luxury. Gold, brass, copper and chrome are in style and add depth to almost all home styles. Metal finishes have proven to be the height of taste with light fixtures. The best part is there is no need to choose just one metal. Mixed sheens can give spaces an elegant look. Brass is a quieter, but still a warm alternative to gold, and copper has been trendy for some time. Chrome works particularly well with accents. When mixing metals, take care to choose only one dominant finish for a unified aesthetic. Metals that are warm, meaning gold, brass and copper, pair well with yellows, reds and browns. Cool finishes, such as chrome and silver, are at their finest when complemented by violet, green and blue hues.

In days gone by, a backyard only needed a pool and patio furniture to be a destination for family and guests. The current trend is to extend the living space outdoors. Multiple doorways are a requirement to lead the way to a backyard oasis. Fireplaces and fire pits add luxurious elements that can be used in every season. Instead of one seating area, homeowners now expect to have several zones to entertain in the great outdoors. Flat screen televisions and an integrated sound system turn an afternoon outdoors into a high-tech adventure. The standard outdoor kitchen should at least include a sink and a fridge.