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Vacation no longer has to fit into the perfect bundle of a beach vacation with ocean breezes and swaying palms. It doesn’t mean hours lounging in a chaise while waves crash, and it doesn’t mean luxury dinners in a fine restaurant and a quiet evening in resort hotel rooms. Modern vacations are so much more active, busy, and full-throttle. Adventure travel has become the go-to method of vacationing, and it’s includes excitement and thrills, exotic destinations and never-tried before foods. It is for the curious, the dare devil, and the envelope pusher. If that’s you, then read on.

Adventure tourism has grown in recent years because of the increased connectivity of the world. If adventurers can stay connected to work or home while they explore the farthest corners of the Earth, then they are more likely to go. Plus, adventures shared over social media inspire other would-be travelers to book their own excursions. Inspired by this bold travel style, hotel and tour operators have increased their adventure offerings and embraced this movement.

But what is adventure travel? When you think about adventure travel, you are likely considering outdoor adventures. Hiking, biking, walking, climbing, paddling are all covered under the umbrella. Gaining experiences, trying something new, crossing off a bucket-list item are all motivators for adventurer travelers, and so they go far and wide to do anything.

Adventure travel is always active, but it can also be quite luxurious, and that duality is a huge part of the appeal. Consider exploring the Serengeti by Jeep, and then cozying up under the stars next to a fire pit and your luxury tent with a feather bed and climate control. Or SCUBA dive through Fiji while sailing aboard a luxurious catamaran sail boat with a private captain and chef. The opportunities for both adventure and luxury are limitless when you consider the reaches of the globe and all that is possible.

Both seasoned and novice explorers and adventurers will discover something that will spark their curiosity and make their heart beat a little faster. The following list of adventure travel experiences are a great place to start planning your next trip.

Sail and SCUBA Dive Through Tropical Waters
If your ideal vacation puts you on the water and your idea of adventure includes SCUBA diving gorgeous reefs or sailing between tropical islands, then plan a trip on a Trade Winds Luxury Yacht Charter in one of their destinations worldwide.  With travel options in destinations like Fiji, Greece, French Polynesia and Tahiti, the Caribbean and more, this company sails on plush catamaran sailboats most anywhere you want to go. Learn to hoist the sails with the captain, see parts of the world unexplored by traditional cruising and dine on delicious and locally sourced meals prepared on the boat by the first mate.

Horseback Ride in South Dakota’s Black Hills
Midwest Living reminds you to “Keep an eye out for wildlife, such as Rocky Mountain sheep, or the park’s herd of 1,300 bison” when you mount a horse and ride through the unforgettable Black Hills. The dramatic terrain will astound you with craggy cliffs that jut up from lush hardwood forests. Consider reserving a suite at the luxurious Spearfish Canyon Lodge while you’re in the Black Hills and experience elegant accommodations in the middle of rugged, natural beauty.

Schedule a Safari in Zambia
For unmatched wilderness, consider a safari in the heart of Africa. Zambia offers beautiful grasslands landscape and wildlife that you can’t see anywhere else in the world. Be there to see the second-largest wildebeest migration in the world or African animals like cheetahs and entire prides of lions. Plus, you can stay in the King Lewanika Lodge that relies on sustainable materials in the middle of Liuwa Plain National Park, ensuring you are comfortable and you can explore new terrain easily.

Traveling has never been quite so exciting. Remote corners of the world are now available for those who are excited by the thought of adventure. Fortunately, luxury is attainable anywhere, and adventure travel is no exception. Consider the unlimited possibilities for travel throughout the world and start planning your next travel adventure.

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