Luxury home organization services are having their moment. As people have spent more time indoors over the last few years, they have had opportunities to reassess how their homes are arranged and if their spaces still meet their daily needs. While this has sparked a wave of remodeling, it has also spurred demand for homeowners to find storage solutions and new systems to improve their homes’ functionality. There is no doubt that professional organization services can quickly tame clutter and optimize upscale homes in inspiring ways. If your home requires a realignment to better suit your daily needs, read on as we reveal some of the best home organization services available today.

The NEAT Method

The NEAT Method caught the eyes of editors at The Spruce because their approach to home organization results in “spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional.” Available in 75 cities in the United States and Canada, the NEAT Method primarily “caters to residential need, though one of its most prominent accomplishments was the organization of the goop offices in NYC.”

When assessing luxury homes, your consultant “will consider your organizational needs, procure the right organizational tools and storage options, implement sustainable solutions, and donate or consign items you’ve decided need to go,” according to The Spruce. This approach, including its ability to organize while “preserving the character and integrity of an entity and space,” is why the Magazine named it the “Best Overall” home organization service available in North America.

The KonMari Method

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Marie Kondo and her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, helped galvanize and elevate the home organization industry. When it was first released, Martha Stewart Living marveled at Marie Kondo’s approach: “She applies feng shui principles to the tenets of her tidying and ditches long-held organizational beliefs (such as cleaning little by little every day, storing items according to the seasons and discarding one item for every item brought into the home). She says that these principles, though meant to help, are the very reasons why we seemingly are never able to maintain our mess.” Instead, Kondo advocates for “one epic cleaning sweep: Keep only what “sparks joy,” discard everything else, and assign a home for everything within your home.”

Several books and television shows later, Marie Kondo’s style of home organization is among the most popular. Alas, this popularity means that you can no longer hire her directly. However, for anyone who is in dire need of having the KonMari Method applied to their home, there is an option: You can hire a Certified Master KonMari consultant. Their expertise is pricey, but you’ll be amazed by the results.

The Home Edit

The team that founded The Home Edit became an Instagram sensation, gaining legions of fans, including high-profile celebrities. This luxury home organization company marries style and function, relying on color coordination for visually pleasing spaces and some ingenious storage strategies. First known for their awe-inspiring pantry makeovers, The Home Edit sends out a two-person team to help you establish your goals for any space and support you as you edit your belongings. From there, the teams will help you group items into categories, suggest innovative ways to contain them, and make your home solutions intuitive and useful enough that you will maintain the system in the future. In fact, you can see their approach in action on their Netflix show (produced by A-lister and super-fan Reese Witherspoon), Get Organized with The Home Edit.

The Spruce named The Home Edit one of the best home organization services to splurge on; “if you want a swoon-worthy closet and have big bucks to spend, do it with the help of this service.” While based in Nashville, Tennessee, they will fly teams out to “Atlanta, Washington, D.C, San Francisco, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and South Florida,” according to the Magazine. If you want a better feel for how their teams would work in your space, schedule a virtual 30-minute consult.

Realistic Organizing

Jeana Buckley, the founder of Realistic Organizing, “believes thinking critically about what we keep in our homes is part of the wellness movement, and is a way for people to live happier, healthier lives,” according to Lindsay Tigar at Better Homes & Gardens. The Magazine explains that “Buckley’s company focuses on creating practical, effective, and livable solutions for individuals and families,” and her approach includes implementing realistic “systems that adapt to everyday life.”

Would-be clients of Realistic Organizing start by having in-home consultations. You’ll decide what you want to achieve, and a plan and a schedule can be set. Realistic Organizing will help you determine which categories of items need to be where, and they will help you create zones that are useful (and easy enough to remember so that chaos doesn’t reappear 20 minutes after they leave). You establish your budget, and when suggestions are proposed, you can easily fine-tune your options before new products are bought, shelving is installed, or construction is permitted.


Larisa Bright and Pamela Meluskey (who once worked with The Home Edit) came together in NYC and established Settled, a home organization company that creates bespoke systems with the goal of making you (and your home) more efficient and less stressed. They don’t believe that simply altering a single room or space will meet a client’s needs long-term. Instead, their mission is “to provide sanctity and alleviate the anxiety caused by disorder and disconnection.”

The company has designed two luxury tiers of service: A signature program that is a “comprehensive blueprint to getting Settled” and a Systems service that focuses on transforming one specific system that needs fine-tuning. No matter which approach you take, the company considers your lifestyle, personality, and needs for your home when formulating an organization plan. The initial on-site consultation and discovery process for the Signature package is approximately $2,000 (which is applied to the overall project fee), while the Systems consultation runs to roughly $995, which can also be applied to the overall project costs, should you proceed.

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