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From curved statement sofas to geometric flooring patterns, interior design trends for the winter of 2018 and beyond are introducing richer and bolder looks into the home. You’ll love surrounding yourself in plush fabrics, embracing a deeper color palette and brightening up your space with focal point lighting. If you aren’t sure where to start, read on for suggestions on how to incorporate the latest interior design trends into your home, while still reflecting your personality and tastes.

Curved Sofas

The 2018 interior design trend that has the experts talking is the statement seating piece – specifically romantic, curved sofas. While the minimalist, mid-century pieces will always be appealing, more and more people are sinking into big, curved sofas and lounging in high-backed, comfortable chairs. These pieces are not for blending; these are pieces that make a statement, so don’t be afraid to go for rich luxe fabrics and vibrant colors. The pros tell Real Simple that people should “opt for a jewel tone like emerald green or deep periwinkle…” to really make their curved, tufted pieces pop. Why are the curved sofas taking interior designers by storm? The experts tell Martha Stewart Living, “’It feels feminine. It just feels new,” says the expert. “It feels a little sexier, a little more sophisticated. It definitely has that European look.’”  

Plush Fabrics

With the new wave in statement sofas comes the renewed interest in luxurious fabrics. Statement pieces wrapped in velvet are everywhere. They look terrific against metallic accents, particularly brass pieces which are still a favorite for 2019. There is also a practical side to this rich fabric; it wears well day-to-day even when it covers well-loved reading chairs or living room settees.

Black Stainless Steel

You may be excited to read that while stainless steel remains popular, black stainless is stealing the show. Not only is the look undeniably cool, but it also brings with it a certain practicality that traditional stainless does not – no more smudges and fingerprints left behind from use. Are you worried that there will be too big of a contrast between the appliances and your white cabinets? Don’t be! Martha Stewart Living raves “this finish looks especially fresh and modern in an all-white kitchen.”

Bold, Geometric Patterns

With the re-introduction of vivid color into the home, it only makes sense that eye-catching geometric patterns would follow as an interior design trend to watch. They are both modern and classic. The bold patterns are an appealing contrast to antiques and are often reminiscent of the Art Deco movements of the 1920s. At the same time, they bring a modern, sophisticated feeling to spaces that otherwise employ a neutral (or new neutral) palette. As Martha Stewart Living explains “[w]hether it’s through funky patterned bathroom tiles or cool triangle shelves, expect to see even more geometric shapes in the home.”

Scandinavian Design

Fans of sleek, minimalist design will rejoice that Scandinavian designs continue to make their presence known. In fact, at the most recent Salone del Mobile design exhibition, this design trend took another step forward, showcasing geometric shapes that were both modern and simple. Here, you are starting to see colors shift toward “light, muted greens and greys and blonde wood [evoking] a serene, hygge-like vibe, according to Martha Stewart Living.

New Neutrals

White, beige and light gray walls, cabinets and fabrics are giving way to something bolder and richer this year. Hints of this 2018 interior design trend came with the naming of Ultra Violet as the Pantone Color of the Year. Kitchens embraced this dynamic color shift first, but it has slowly moved into the rest of the home. Even if you have fully embraced the new Scandinavian design trend, there is no need to surround those pieces with beige accents. Martha Stewart Living suggests “accenting rooms with rich, earthy colors such as ochre, green, and even red…”

Jodie Fried, co-founder of Armadillo & Co., tells Real Simple that “’we’re seeing a shift away from last year’s cooler, more minimal palette toward warm, exotic, and energizing hues.’” For those who want to stay in the gray spectrum, you’ll love that slate gray is still very much in the mix for everything from carpets to ovens.

Cultivated Interiors

While minimalist principles are still firmly being employed, there is a 2018 interior design trend toward personalization and what some experts are referring to it as the “new clutter.” In reality, the trend is about the embracing of items that mean something to you, the things that bring you joy and displaying them. Real Simple explains that by choosing furniture items that can display items that are precious to you (from art to books to vases), the clutter appears “intentional, which makes all the difference between a messy space and a deliberate one.” Authenticity is key. Today, rather than feeling overly “decorated,” the trend for interiors is that they feel like a true representation of you and your family.

Sculptural Lights

Striking, almost sculptural, lighting is another interior design trend that has people talking. From chandeliers to highly-detailed sconces, lighting that works as design objects fares well against whimsical and traditional décor. Simple interiors are brilliantly complemented by lights crafted to be a focal point, and even neon lights are grabbing headlines. At Salone di Mobile, Martha Stewart Living notes that “[p]erhaps most popular were collections of spherical white lights hanging from the ceiling—a major statement over your dinner table.”

Stone Accents

Marble rarely goes out of style, and it continues to be a popular option for interiors for the winter of 2018 and beyond. Kitchen countertops and flooring are classic choices, but this elegant stone is also making its way into furnishings, like coffee table or side table tops. Lindsey Pennington explains to Real Simple that “’I’m loving the embrace of smaller touches of colorful marbled patterns in accessories, such as dinner plates, which bring a luxe and layered look to any décor.’” What other stone pieces are making their presence known? Martha Stewart Living advises that “there is a growing demand for dramatic slabs with intense veining like the Calacatta Turquoise from ABC Stone…” Meanwhile, Coastal Living sees a demand for terrazzo, “since the material—made from embedding little chips of marble, quartz, granite, and even glass into concrete or resin—bears a close resemblance to a sandy beach.”  

Sustainable Design Options

Without a doubt, the desire for sustainability is influencing interior design trends. Martha Stewart Living revealed that the Salone del Mobile exhibition fully-embraced this concept and set out an agenda driven by the idea: “Creating design these days means thinking about the future, its sustainability, not just in terms of the use of materials but also in the productive processes.” While that can mean using recycled and upcycled materials, it can also mean the repurposing of items. It also resulted in a push to bring the outdoors inside the home. From lush hanging plants to cacti on the bookshelves and herb gardens in the kitchen, there are numerous ways to bring a bit of green into every room of your house.

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