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“Work Hard, Play Hard!” Is The Perfect Phrase to Describe Karen Gauvin.

After 27 years in sales, business development, marketing, and public relations management throughout the northeast and on a national level Karen Gauvin decided it was time to step away from corporate America. Karen wanted to have the ability to work locally, be involved with her community, and pursue a career she was passionate about… Real estate! Thanks to the experience and skills she acquired over the years she was able to easily make the transition and begin her exciting new career.

Karen’s Dedication to Her Clients Knows No Bounds.

Customer service is always her top priority and why she always makes sure her client’s happiness always comes first. Karen is described as a kind and very compassionate individual with a deep understanding of others. She still remembers the excitement she felt while working with her first client. Through the years she has continued to share this excitement with everyone she works with and considers it an honor to help them achieve their dreams.

Above And Beyond.

Karen already had a BS in Business Administration but decided that she wanted to have even more knowledge to assist her clients. She took the initiative and went on to become a certified buyers agent, but she didn’t stop there. Along with that she also earned her Commercial and Investment Real Estate Certification. Both of these allow Karen to better advise her clients and ensure they are getting the best possible service while working with her.

The effort she has put in reflects in all the accomplishments she has made while working as a realtor. Karen has received both the Captains Club sales award as well as the Gold sales award these past subsequent years. One of her greatest accomplishments is creating her amazing real estate team with her partner. Comprised mostly of Green Team agents, it’s called Our House Real Estate Group, LLC. They have been growing and successfully assisting more and more clients exponentially since starting in March of 2021.

A Confident Professional and a Proud Mom

When Karen was asked what home means to her she said:

“Having had many homes in my life, I would say it is the place and people you surround yourself with in your journey. It’s those I keep close to me always and the place I can come back to at night for comfort.”

Throughout all her years of work, there is one job title that she has held the entire time that she is the proudest of, MOM. Nothing brings Karen joy more than knowing she raised her daughter to become a thriving and happy adult. Her daughter is now following in her footsteps and beginning her real estate career with Karen as her guide!