Bedrooms are being transformed into upscale retreats overnight simply with the addition of luxury bedroom wallpaper. Monochromatic spaces are getting a lift with pops of color and pattern from statement wallpaper, while rooms filled with color feel tied together by the introduction of complementary prints. And gorgeous textured wallpaper can create a cozy, moody space that homeowners will love to sink into at the end of a busy day. If your room is ready to be elevated and personalized, read on as we reveal some of our favorite luxury bedroom wallpaper ideas. 


Textured Wallpaper

Adding textured wallpaper to an otherwise minimalist or neutral bedroom provides an instant visual lift. Southern Living is a fan of using “nail-headed” grasscloth wallpaper throughout a space to give it an upscale and glamorous feel. Beyond its sophisticated aesthetic, grasscloth is also an environmentally-friendly luxury option that resists fading, can provide heat and sound insulation, and is remarkably long-lasting.  


Upholstered Walls

Designer Jade Joyner of Metal + Petal tells My Domaine that upholstered walls are having a moment; “‘With the hectic, modern lives we all lead, people are wanting a soft oasis with luxurious fabrics to come home to and relax in.’” Drenching your walls in fabric brings a lush grandeur to your space. While the practice has been celebrated by royalty for centuries, the trend feels delightfully current. How does it work? Traditionally, the fabric is pulled over battens that are then attached to the walls to provide texture and an irresistible sense of cocooning that is perfect for upscale bedrooms. Everything from silk to cashmere to suede is being used. However, this process can take a significant amount of time. Luckily, today’s designers can create a similar effect by installing paper-backed fabrics that are equally rich in texture but can be applied quickly in much the same way as classic wallpaper


Boho Murals

When people think of bohemian-inspired rooms, they often picture an eclectic blend of riotous color and pattern, which tends to feel more suitable for sitting rooms or living rooms rather than a bedroom oasis. Surprisingly, luxury bedroom wallpaper can perfectly combine the desire for a boho-glam aesthetic with a sense of serenity. And the key lies in the size of the print. 

A recent redesign by Eleven 11 Design grabbed the attention of the editors at The Spruce. A bedroom wall was painted with a dramatic pitch black paint to draw attention to the back of the sizeable space as people entered. It was effective, but it lacked the vitality the designers sought. Instead of hanging a large-scale piece of art or crafting a massive headboard, they choose a “bigger than life floral” mural-like wallpaper to run from the ceiling to behind the bed. Impressively finished to resemble a single sheet, the brilliant bedroom wallpaper brings color and dimension to the wall while creating a focal point for the room. 


Dramatic Design

If you love your minimalist furniture but struggle to find suitable artwork or accessories to infuse some visual drama into the space, The Spruce suggests choosing luxury bedroom wallpaper that makes a statement. Originally featured on Homepolish, The Spruce loves how a “dramatic cabbage rose wallpaper lends a pop of pretty to [a] modern bedroom.” The Magazine assures that “while the pattern is pretty busy, it does not overpower the minimalist-inspired furniture.”  

More ornate wallpaper patterns done in rich hues of red or black can also create a statement look for your bedroom. And if you want to embrace the drama, Southern Living suggests playing off the depth of color in the wallpaper by “dressing your room in strong, dark décor.” 


Moody Shades

If you want your bedroom to resemble a warm and inviting retreat, think about adding wallpaper in wonderfully moody shades like dark greens, blues, and grays. My Domaine reveals: “Many of us shy away from decorating with dark colors, because they can leave a space feeling smaller. But that’s not always a bad thing.” You don’t need your bedroom to feel expansive necessarily – “you need it to feel cozy and warm. And a darker palette can help you set that tone.” Supplement the space with gorgeous blackout drapes and plush bedding, and you will successfully create a bedroom that feels like a welcoming oasis. 


Nature Details

The notion of bringing nature inside the home has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Today, interior designers are working hard to incorporate green details into bedrooms and living spaces, often referencing the outdoors in room accents and wallpaper. For example, The Spruce adores interior designer Tiny Rich’s recent NYC apartment redesign, which saw banana leaf wallpaper applied to bedroom walls to “[pour] on the Hollywood glamour.” 

Southern Living is enthusiastic about taking nature-inspired details and pairing them with metallics. One of their favorite wallpapers features “prominent gold traces” along the branches and leaves of an arbor-inspired pattern. The gold in the paper not only elevates and modernizes the print but it pairs exquisitely with gold-accented furnishings to create a “very cohesive and sophisticated look.” 


Delicate Patterns in Stunning Hues

A delicate print can create a beautiful motif for bedroom wallpaper, but the impact may not be as significant as you would like. There is a solution. My Domaine confides: “Even subtler prints, like pinstripes, can make a statement when rendered in a stunning color. So don’t be afraid to be bold with your palette.” The Magazine advocates for “emerald greens and sapphire blues” but agrees that “you could just as easily opt for a lighter shade and pull it off.” 


Fine Art

Better Homes & Gardens has been following the unique art of Malene Barnett, a “multi-disciplinary artist and founder of the Black Artists + Designers Guild” who designs “handwoven rugs, carves complex markings into ceramic tiles, fuses brilliantly colored portraits from cut glass, and handcrafts intricately patterned clay vessels.” It is no surprise that the Magazine was thrilled to see Barnett create a fantastic collection of “five lively, tactile wallpaper styles, which repeat the geometric shapes, dotted patterns, and rippling lines found in Barnett’s work.”  

The resulting wallpaper will inspire; “From a distance, the wallcoverings offer subtle texture and a wash of color, but a closer look reveals the intricate details that make up these works of fine art.” The effect is particularly stunning when used throughout an entire room. Barnett tells Better Homes & Gardens: “‘I envision this collection really embodying spaces, not just covering an accent wall but truly filling a space.’”  


Ceiling Highlights 

When starting your bedroom remodel or refresh, don’t forget to look up. Too often, we overlook a room’s fifth wall, which can leave the space feeling unfinished. The good news is that luxury bedroom wallpaper applied to the ceiling, no matter the size of the room you are decorating, can transform the room into a genuinely gorgeous space. Do you have vividly colorful bedroom walls? The Spruce loves the idea of spicing up an otherwise bland white ceiling with geometric wallpaper that references the primary wall color.  

Do you have an attic bedroom you would like to redesign? Jenny Wolf Interiors tells The Spruce that they recommend hanging the same wallpaper on the walls and low, slanted attic ceilings to create a cozy space that may even feel bigger. How? The Magazine reveals that “covering all five surfaces in the same pattern can make ceiling height in cramped spaces seem much taller.”  

Does your bedroom feature a recessed ceiling with an impressive central light fixture? Elizabeth Gordon Studio, based in Los Angeles, is an architectural interior design firm that favors showcasing this kind of detail in bedrooms and living rooms. The editors at The Spruce were wowed by a design that used metallic wallpaper on a recessed ceiling. The darker blue tones of the wallpaper beautifully complemented the lighter shades on the walls. At the same time, the gold branch pattern worked brilliantly against the newly installed “gold Flame Flushmount light fixture by Global Views.” The finished effect produced a coolly elegant and serene room that dazzled. 


Hand-Painted Wallpaper

To truly personalize your space, you may want to consider investing in hand-painted wallpaper. This type of luxury bedroom wallpaper, like those available from de Gournay, offers exceptional quality, custom color, and bespoke design that works perfectly as a focal point while also establishing the palette for your room. de Gournay reveals that the company’s mission is to help you realize “your dreams of a perfect interior,” whether that is a gold-leaf ceiling, an Art Deco-inspired aesthetic, or an Art Nouveau space. Even a “19th-century French Scenic” or a style that celebrates “the artworks, costumes and stage designs of the Ballet Russes” are possibilities. Whatever your inspiration, companies like de Gournay can bring your design dreams to life in a showstopping room with an undeniably opulent appeal. 

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