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Just like a custom-tailored pair of slacks or bespoke shirt fits better than an off-the-rack garment, custom group travel tours match luxury travelers needs more fittingly than generic itineraries.

There are certainly some high-end out-of-the-box tour companies offering excellent trips to amazing spots in the world. But, chances are, these pre-planned excursions will either include stops at attractions you’ve already seen or won’t incorporate the little places of interest you want to discover. That’s simply the nature of these types of journeys.

Group tours, even luxury tours, tend to appeal to the common denominator. Whether you’re traveling with complete strangers or people you know, typical tours take presumed consensus into consideration when planning transportation, accommodation, activities, and even locale.

Custom and private group tours are all about you and your travel experience. Where do you want to go? How do you want to get there? Do you want to stay in a boutique hotel in the city or a small country inn that doubles as a working farm? How long can you be gone? What’s the one thing you most want to do when you get where you’re going?

These are questions that both custom and private luxury group tour operators ask, so that you and your family, or group of friends or personal colleagues, have the exact encounters you envision while traveling. Custom and private group tour companies let you control your experience. They merely arrange the details (and offer insightful suggestions as appropriate).

Understand, however, that some destinations require semi-custom arrangements. Consider an expedition to Antarctica as an example, and think about how excessively costly it would be to hire a private ship and how dangerous the trip would be with just a few people. Many tour companies offering scheduled departures to places like this will help you construct completely customizable add-on itineraries for private travel before or after.

Out of the small percentage of companies offering luxury custom and private group tours, a handful excel beyond measure.

For your next jaunt to that destination of your dreams, think about hiring the following tour operators:

TCS World Travel

TCS World Travel is a luxury custom tour outfitter with 20 years of experience personalizing private-jet journeys for clients. Travelers love going on unique vacations TCS plans to explore Asian cultures, the North Pole and even the world in 24 days. These tours are great ways to take in a vast number of environments and experiences in a short amount of time, if required. But, any quick or extended trip offers signature interactions with local experts, naturalists and historians (there’s also a doctor on board every TCS World Travel tour).

Heritage Tours

Let Heritage Tours take you to Morocco, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Sub-Saharan Africa. Enjoy authentic meetings with members of the tour company’s network of connections from all over the globe. Discover the magic of some of the most beautiful and intriguing parts of the world, many of which are normally unattainable. A leader in custom private travel, and one of the first operators to offer only custom-designed private travel, Heritage Tours brings a creative approach to bespoke tours. The well-traveled turn to Heritage Tours for the operator’s deep knowledge and honest opinion.

Asia Transpacific Journeys

Asia Transpacific Journeys crafts personal adventures for small groups, offering luxury custom tours throughout Asia and the Pacific. These completely personalized excursions draw on the tour company’s first-hand knowledge of the Asian Transpacific region. They follow travelers’ exact visions for a perfect trip, with expertly suggested itinerary interjections if befitting. Explore Australia, Bhutan, Borneo, Cambodia, Central Asia, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, and many other locals with Asia Transpacific Journeys providing a local guide for you in each one.

Journeys Within

Take a boutique Southeast Asia tour with Journeys Within and experience a memorable, customized independent trip to Cambodie, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, or Myanmar – or several, or all of these destinations. Bangkok, Luang Prabang, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Mandalay, and Angkor Wat become special areas for personal discovery when uncovered on a private tour allowing you to become better acquainted with the people and culture of these regions. Journeys Within has offices in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia, so assistance via a Director in each location is always within easy reach.

All of these travel outfitters specializing in private group tours understand the wants and needs of the luxury traveler. They commit themselves to facilitating an adventurer’s greater understanding of the world through customizable, experiential tours, which often include ultra-exclusive encounters.

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