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Luxury, intimacy and unique itineraries define a new generation of river cruises, making them a first-choice vacation option among luxury travelers. Intimate river cruise boats can travel up smaller rivers, making parts of the world accessible in a way that hasn’t been available before. Travel Rivers like the Mississippi, Danube, Ganges and more, placing the world just down the gangplank to port. And with many river cruises prioritizing luxury and elegance, each trip is memorable, restful and once-in-a-lifetime. Discover where the worlds luxury river cruises will take you.

Gain a perspective that you can only get when you take a river cruise. Landscapes slide past as rivers roll through untouched forests, beautiful landscapes, uninhabited deserts. Cities come alive from their waterfronts. Regional cuisine helps to define culture and give visitors a taste of the area. Plus, traveling by river makes traditional landmarks and attractions accessible by stopping at ports of call in the heart of the most famous cities in the world.

River cruises can also boast about their intimate experiences. Open-ocean cruises rely on huge ships with thousands of passengers. But when you reserve a river cruise, you are committing to traveling with only a few hundred people. When you get off the boat in a port of call, you aren’t swarmed with other passengers all trying to get into the same attractions. And fewer passengers also means more personalized service on board.

River cruise boats offer a full luxury experience. With fine dining, beautiful and private accommodations with boutique-style décor, your time on the cruise boat will not be forgotten. You will be able to relax completely while experiencing a one-in-a-life-time vacation.

The United States
With rivers like the mighty Mississippi, Snake and Hudson, river cruises across the United States offer views you will not experience on any road trip. Set sail the length of the Mississippi River aboard a traditional river cruise boat, or try something more authentic like one of American Queen’s paddlewheelers or steam boat.

High traffic areas of the Mississippi offer views of cities like Nashville or New Orleans and specialty tours that focus the area’s history or culture. American Queen offers themed cruises that focus on subjects like Mark Twain, the area’s unique bourbons or the Blues music and culture. Or cruises through the Pacific North West and Alaska on American Cruise Lines explore the rugged beauty and wildlife of the region.

Traveling through Europe’s famous rivers, visitors can see history unfold. Famous river tours include trips on the Danube, Rhine or Seine rivers. The most famous cities these cruises visit are dripping with beautiful architecture that dates from as far back as the Middle Ages. Plus, the steady and slow pace ensures that you truly explore any city you visit. European cruise providers are including luxury amenities on board and professional tours in port. Companies like Avalon Waterways has expanded their fleet and offerings ensuring your river cruise is exactly what you want it to be.

Asia, India and China
Plan a luxury river cruise through unexpected destinations. River cruises have expanded to rivers like the Ganges in India or Yangtze in China or Vietnam, Cambodia and the Mekong Delta. And the ships that travel these routes, like Viking Cruises or Uniworld, are some of the most luxurious. These routes offer an unbeatable experience as you learn about the region’s culture, traditions and wildlife. India’s Golden Triangle offers views of the Taj Mahal and the Raj Ghat, a black granite memorial to Gandhi. Or you can explore China’s long and storied history afloat on the Yangtze River that floats past Panda bears, misty mountains and bamboo groves, creating a sense of peace and calm, surrounded by history.

Beginning in Cairo, a river cruise down the Nile offers visitors a combination of river and air travel to see sights like King Tutankhamun’s tomb and the Valley of the Kings. The result is a dramatic and beautiful river cruise perfect for those who want to combine ancient history and ultimate luxury. Uniworld, Viking and Avalon all offer Nile River cruises.

Start planning a luxury river cruise vacation to one of the world’s top destinations, and prepare yourself for an experience unlike any other.

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