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People often wonder what their walls would say if they could talk. With luxurious wallpaper, they can whisper, shout or sing, depending on your style and personality. Wallpaper has always been a cyclical choice for luxury interior design. In some decades, it is seen as chic while in other years, bold paint colors are preferred. The ’90s saw wallpaper being applied with heavy hands in the misguided hope of making a statement. However, high-end designers know that wallpaper is not a trend; rather, it is a décor staple that must be done well to appear as chic as possible. Recently, this style staple has been offering new twists for the discerning tastemaker for any room or select pieces of furniture in the house. Go fully papered or create an accent wall. The choice is yours! Read on to explore ways to make your home an expression of your personality, one panel at a time. Home is more than just four walls. Start your journey home by visiting the Distinctive Collection by Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate.

A motif design features a decorative object repeated in a chic pattern. Animals, such as owls and zebra prints, and fruit, particularly pineapples, have been especially popular throughout the centuries. Echoed designs are a way of honoring something or simply having a pleasant pattern which can be seen from any angle. Go wild with a jungle look or bring greener pastures indoors with landscape-inspired design. Shibori, a Japanese dyeing technique, offers a unique way to bring color to a space, which you could even DIY with the right fabric.

Wallpaper is a chance to craft a room’s mood. Geometrics can infuse a space with a futuristic or mod look. Feminine florals are perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms, especially as accents walls to accompany vanities. Charm a space with a whimsical or retro pattern from the ’90s; Give a windowless room, from laundry rooms to garages, an elegant spin with gray-infused designs or sophisticated damask.

Luxury truly comes to the forefront with textured wallpaper. Embossed wallpaper has a slightly raised design surface. The tactile experience of running your hands along a textured wall can elevate the presence of a room’s mood. Also consider hand painted selections to add elegance to your space. The piece de resistance for the style connoisseur throughout the ages is chinoiserie wallpaper. With Asian origins and European sensibility, these hand-painted masterpieces are meticulously crafted pen-and-ink drawings on silk, now updated and available on high-quality paper.

As a rule of thumb, vertical stripes make a room look taller while horizontal ones make it appear longer. Which is best? The answer is up to you! Stripes are a staple in décor given their versatility and penchant for playfulness. Stripes can bring light and warmth to a space. Horizontal stripes cascading across walls enhance the sophistication of a room. For those who are uncertain, thin stripes present walls as wider with a stylish pattern.

Photorealism is a huge developing trend in the wallpaper world. Digital printing allows for exceptional design. Companies that specialize in print services can work from a high-resolution photo to create large panels that will adhere to your walls. The technology upgrade means choices like vinyl can come into play for a cooler look that will be a cinch to remove.

Beyond the wall
Contemporary wallpaper means that walls are only one option for designer adhesive paper. Shelves can be jazzed up with a few patterns to anchor accent colors together. Gallery walls can be filled with frames featuring wallpaper cutouts. Drawers would appreciate a little dazzle, as could dressers and bookcases. Pops of pattern or color bring bookshelves and coffee tables to life.