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Tips for Incorporating a New Monogram Design into Your Home

Monograms are a symbol of timeless elegance. From their earliest days as coin signatures and symbols of prestige to more modern signs of family brands, the monogram has retained its allure. Today, contemporary options can be incorporated throughout the home in everything from furnishings to accent artwork. You’ll love the personalization and the classically-inspired flair the latest monogram designs bring to your space.

Monogram Design

You may have a traditional family monogram design that you would like to incorporate into your home décor. However, if you are new to the idea, don’t be afraid to ask your interior designer for options. They may refer you to artists that they love working with to create something new for you, or they might have ideas of their own on a custom style. There are also services that specialize in monogram design you can work with online. Slight modifications during the process can take some time, but with a little patience, you’ll land on results that you will adore.

Revitalize Furniture

Do you already have a monogram design that you love? You may surprise yourself at how many pieces of furniture can benefit from the addition of this personalized stamp. Are you feeling daring? DIY options abound. Martha Stewart Living advises “[w]ith design-it-yourself fabric, you can use a monogram to give a traditional piece, such as this French Bergere chair, a playful edge.”  Options can include bold colors for distinct lettering to lighter, almost watercolor-like styles, to give the piece a more impressionistic feeling.

Naturally, you can hire professional artists to hand-paint the fabric, or even embroider your monogram to chair backs in your living room or library. In fact, monogram embroidery on upholstered dining room chairs is a timeless choice, seen in elegant homes throughout the centuries.

Create New Artwork

The sky is the limit in terms of how you can take even the simplest monogram design and turn it into a work of art. Picture accent wall space between built-ins in your dining room or library. That wall space can easily be transformed with the addition of a base color of paint and a bold swirl of color revealing your monogram. It’s personal branding at its best.

Individual art pieces are also a popular way of incorporating your monogram into your home. Do you love the idea of chunky gold, silver or brass letters that can stand on your fireplace mantle? You can find separate ones that represent your monogram, or collaborate with an artist who does metalwork design and watch as your monogram is transformed into a custom piece of art. Don’t be afraid to look for things that enhance your overall style – if thick gold or silver pieces don’t work for you, choose something in wrought iron or even wood. Real Simple suggests that delicate, precious metal items can be elegant additions when you “[u]pgrade your run-of-the-mill monogram decor with a dainty, golden letter that looks gorgeous on its own, mixed in a gallery wall, or perched atop a stack of coffee table books.”

Update Your Storage Boxes

As people have gravitated toward refining their storage solutions, even incorporating Marie Kondo’s The Hikidashi Box into their methods, the opportunity for personalization has grown. The editors at Martha Stewart Living see this as an opportunity to move from more utilitarian looks to something more luxurious. To them, the monogrammed boxes are chic and “perfect for jewelry, gift cards, and other tiny gifts.”  

Embroider or Paint Linens

Often, when people consider embroidered monograms on linens, they think of towels. Lovely as wedding or anniversary gifts, the monogrammed towels are delightful keepsakes and can evoke memories throughout a lifetime. However, have you thought about adding your monogram design to quilts, duvets or top sheets? If that feels too traditional for your home, consider what the design would look like done in bright pops of color or with the image intertwined with a swirling floral design – it will feel like a discovery every time you see it.

Personalize Kitchen Pieces

The kitchen (and by extension dining room) has truly become a custom part of the home, and there is no better way to continue that trend than to add your personal monogram design. Tired of your ordinary placemats? “Kevin Sharkey loves this Art Nouveau–style monogram, silk-screened onto leather placemats and stitched onto crisp white napkins,” according to Martha Stewart Living.

If you are frequent dinner party host, you might want to invest in personalized wine bottle stoppers or metal serving trays. You don’t have to stop there. The editors at Real Simple love adding a monogrammed cheese board and utensils to social gatherings or as hostess gifts for anyone “who loves a sophisticated picnic or wine and cheese party.”

Incorporate Accent Items

Your new monogram design also can be easily incorporated into small accent items, allowing your brand to leave its mark in every room of your home. From accent pillows on the couch or bed to doormats and hall key trays, the options are seemingly limitless.  

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