Enjoying a nonstop flight on a private jet has never been easier. Private aviation was already part of a rapidly evolving industry, but the pandemic pushed the popularity of bespoke, safe flights to new heights. The exclusivity of this type of travel has obvious appeal, but today, the added advantages of having fewer people onboard and no security lines also mean fewer health risks. And, of course, the luxury of this kind of personalized experience simply cannot be matched by commercial travel. Below, we reveal how your next adventure can start in the elegant accommodations of a private jet.

Buying a Private Jet Membership

The plush accommodations, direct access to the plane, and the ease of bringing pets aboard, as well as the delicious food and libations offered, are just some of the reasons that taking a nonstop flight on a private jet has always had its appeal. But today, companies like Set Jet are offering memberships for private experiences to people looking for VIP travel but who may not want to take on the challenges and responsibilities of owning a plane of their own.

How does it work? If you have an adventure planned and you are a member, you can “dictate the flight schedule by booking a flight at a time of [your] choosing via the Set Jet website, which then opens that flight to all members,” according to Travel + Leisure. It’s that simple. The cabins can entertain between 13 and 19 passengers, making them ideal for family vacations and group holidays. Of course, the cost reflects the VIP experience, but if you are looking for a comfortable way to travel, a private jet membership like this one may be irresistible.

Choose Elevated Partnerships

The elevated experience that comes with nonstop private jet travel doesn’t have to end with the domestic flight. When you work with a company like Wheels Up, you’ll also get access to their noteworthy partnerships. Want to rent a Porsche when you land? Porsche’s partnership with Wheels Up makes snagging that sought-after rental a breeze. These partnerships also extend to unforgettable, one-of-a-kind hospitality experiences and entertainment events perfect for everyone from art lovers to golf fans. And there are even more perks for insiders. Private aviation expert Doug Gollan reveals to Travel + Leisure that in-the-know members can also get coveted flying perks like “‘[snagging] empty leg repositioning flights for just $350 — for the entire aircraft,’” among many other benefits.

Experience a Private, Luxury Safari

There is no doubt that the Four Seasons has only enhanced its reputation for ultra-luxurious travel by launching its private jet trips. Every aspect of their custom jets has been designed for comfort. There is a lounge onboard where a chef expertly prepares fine cuisine, snacks, and drinks that can be perfectly attuned to your dietary needs and indulgent desires. Naturally, the cabins offer the most comfortable seating available. Built using the softest Italian leather, the seats feature lie-flat options so you can rest as you wing your way toward your next incredible cultural experience.

The current line-up of trips includes an African Wonders journey that allows guests to enjoy extraordinary nature and wildlife while also indulging in the travel comforts that are synonymous with the Four Seasons. Starting in Athens, guests enjoy nonstop flights aboard their luxury private jet to Egypt for a stop at the Pyramids of Giza before heading to the Serengeti. Travel + Leisure raves: “The safari starts with a torch-lit dinner under the stars in the Serengeti. After visiting Serengeti National Park, you’ll head to Mauritius to explore the pristine waters and coral reefs. Next comes a trip to Rwanda for a life-changing hike with the gorillas alongside the scientists who care for them. Finally, there’s a day trip to the thundering Victoria Falls in Zambia en route to Johannesburg, South Africa for departures.”

Travel Around the World

Are you craving a global adventure? Venerated companies like the Four Seasons and luxury travel outfit Abercrombie & Kent take private jet travel to the next level by offering extraordinary around-the-world experiences. While the Four Season’s global jet itineraries are already much-loved, Abercrombie & Kent is gaining popularity for their customized private jet that offers nonstop flights to stunning destinations around the world. And once on the ground, the company has designed experiences “led by experts handpicked for their deep understanding of local cultures,” according to TripSavvy. The journey begins in Seattle and winds its way through Gaum, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Uzbekistan, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, and Sicily. Throughout, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy cultural exchanges and exclusive sporting and entertainment events, as well as shopping and walking tours. And while the cost starts at $136,000 per person, according to TripSavvy, the experience is likely to be one you will never forget.

Go Private for Long-Haul Journeys

Even if you aren’t flying around the world, you may want to plan a luxury escape that would include significant time in the air. VistaJet has become one of the few private aviation companies that offers a nonstop flight up to 16 hours in duration to members. Passengers can fly on their Global 7500 aircraft to 187 countries, including nonstop flights from Honolulu to Helsinki or Los Angeles to Hong Kong, without refueling. To make their service even more impressive, they have partnered with yacht charters and other upscale tour companies to offer invaluable links to bespoke experiences in destinations worldwide.

Select By-the-Day Over Hourly Arrangements

Many private jet companies sell time in the air by the hour. This was a natural outgrowth of the fact that many people were only looking for short nonstop flights for recurring business travel. However, with the increase in the popularity of longer leisure trips, there has been increasing demand for by-the-day services. Enter Flexjet. It offers both a jet card membership program and fractional ownership, and it grants flyers greater flexibility regarding how the jet is booked. The benefit of this plan is that if you are taking a trip with multiple stops, you do not have to change crews or aircraft when you head to your next destination. You can also keep your luggage on the plane while indulging in the beauty and amenities of a stopover location before continuing with the next leg of your trip.

Consider Fractional Ownership

The editors at Travel + Leisure are singing the praises of NetJets and their appealing range of options for potential passengers. The Magazine reports: “NetJets seemingly has a solution for every type of private jet traveler, including a shared ownership program, a leasing option (which has a slightly different payment structure than the shared ownership route), and a private jet card.”

In recent years, NetJets has been the aviation answer for professional athletes, entertainers, and businesspeople who need a secure, nonstop flight without the hassle of commercial baggage restrictions and long security lines. Fractional share ownership is a terrific option for anyone who knows they want to regularly book a nonstop flight on a private jet for the next few years or need access to a plane with little notice. As expert Doug Gollan tells Travel + Leisure, he’s a fan of the fractional ownership plans because they get you access to a jet “‘on as little as four to six hours’ notice.’” Meanwhile, many travelers looking for upscale comfort and convenience, but have more time to plan, are opting for the company’s private jet card. In fact, the program is so popular that there is currently a waiting list to join.

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