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Today’s wilderness adventures for modern women blend glamour and the great outdoors. Gone are days of muddy trails instead of mud wraps and the nights of contorting in stuffy sleeping bags to find a comfortable position. Beds and lounges are provided inside sizable tents complete with fireplaces and enough space for spa treatments and so much more. Take a walk on the wild side – in heels – with these spa treatments. If you are craving outdoor space and a bit more luxury, check out the Distinctive Collection by Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate.

Paws Up
Greenough, Montana is home to The Resort at Paws Up. For those in glamorous circles, this destination is setting a new standard for glamping via its wilderness treatments. The premier ranch takes America’s love for experiential travel and pairs it with the ultimate outdoor guest experience. Comprised of a colony of 10 tents, six of which are dedicated to services, the resort offers an innovative menu of spa treatments enhanced by the sound of birds chirping and streaming water. The Spa uses local and organic ingredients, such as Hutterite honey and massage stones harvested from the Black River which runs through the property. Try the Star Light, Star Bright Twilight Massage for a bedtime massage under the stars.

Red Mountain Resort
Communing with nature is one of the perks of glamping. You can slow down and really notice the immediate surroundings without feeling the pressures of modern life. Simple things like putting one foot in front of another can revitalize the body. The moon is one marvel of nature that seems to be forgotten with long work hours and late bedtimes. One of the advantages of glamping is the opportunity to take a moonlit stroll with fellow glampers. The Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah offers a two-hour adventure called Moon Light Hike in nearby Paradise Canyon. Streambeds, lava flow fields, and Navajo Sandstone act as nature’s guides to an intense state of calm. The full moon illuminates iconic red, peach and orange stripes that accent the paved and dirt trails.

Solage Calistoga
Northern California’s Napa Valley is a domestic paradise that begs to be explored for its cozy wilderness treatments. Solage Calistoga offers guests access to a private bathhouse to maximize time spent outdoors. The spa’s geothermal pool is the site of the Starlight at the Bathhouse treatment. Guests enjoy a soak or steam in healing waters with an optional guided meditation. Rich soil used to grow iconic varietals transforms into mineral-rich mud used in designated spa therapy areas. Toast the blanket of stars overhead with local sparkling wine and dessert.

Spring Creek Ranch
A massage is always ‘me’ time spent well. Instead of a loop of nature sounds in a sterile environment, why not experience the real thing? Glamping reaches a new level of luxury with the Sacred Space Massage at The Wilderness Adventure Spa at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A teepee overlooking the majestic vistas of the nearby Grand Tetons, often still snowcapped into May, brings glamor and alpine scenery. Therapists customize massages to add to the outdoor experience. Lie down on the table and experience tranquility in the hands of a trained professional.

The Lazy You Spa
Glamping can include horseback riding and new adventures in luxury. After a day on the saddle in Granby, Colorado, The Cowboy Soak is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and relax muscles before bed. The main attractions are two massage tents with glass floors suspended above Willow Creek . Aquatic wilderness lulls guests into a state of relaxation during body treatments. The signature spa treatment offers patrons a moonlit soak in a deep copper tub.

Miraval Resort in Tucson
Walking has been called the best exercise for the body and mind. This daily activity is usually done as means of getting from Point A to Point B. Glamping, however, allows the ordinary to become a touchstone of tranquility. Walking on circular paths of stones at the famous Tucson Spa’s Labyrinth Walking meditation takes intentional movement and uses it as a means of gaining clarity for well-being. As a walking meditation, the spa menu item allows for moving forward with consciousness for an effective mind, body, and soul treatment. A simple path is set within a framework in the wilderness. Guests must remain silent during the exercise to release the ego and commune with the soul.