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Of course we live because of food, but many of us live for food. We’ll go out of our way to enjoy an absolutely decadent culinary experience, to the extreme according to some. Food trends like traveling to another part of the world for an exclusive meal and setting are always on our radar. Paying exorbitant amounts of money for over-the-top, almost unimaginable food delights us beyond compare.

The luxury of being able to enjoy food in almost any way lends to the creation of some pretty memorable moments. If you’re looking for your next gastronomic pleasure and adventure, here are some food trends to jump on.

Gold Adorned Food

What do bagels, tacos, sushi, donuts, and pizza have in common besides being food that people love? They’re currently created in gold-encrusted versions that look brilliant and are available only for those willing to pay hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars for a serving.

The glowing garnish is popping up in cocktails, gelatos and burgers. It’s almost a crazy concept really, but one that’s all too tempting if extravagance and a magnificent meal continuously call to you. Edible gold is 23 to 24 carats, so it’s not your average jewelry gold you’ll be consuming. It’s an indigestible ingredient though, and it offers absolutely zero vitamins or minerals. While deemed relatively safe, there haven’t been any comprehensive studies on eating gold. So, experts advise that one only consume it on rare special occasions.

Private Chef Helicopter Tours

Take a helicopter ride over spectacular scenery and don’t worry about where you’ll dine when you land. You’ll have escorts with you who will bring you to pristine places in Hawaii, to pick fresh produce so you can enjoy it prepared artfully when you arrive back home. That is, if you’ve booked a private chef helicopter tour like the one Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea offers.

Aerial sightseeing, foraging for herbs and vegetables and dining on your bounty at a Hawaiian ranch await as part of the hotel’s Unforgettable Experiences, A Taste of Island Life custom excursion. Your trip begins with a helicopter ride to Hana to see Maui’s lush mountains and Haleakala. Local guides show you where to pick the best ingredients in Hana Ranch’s gardens, and then you’ll get to visit Pailoa Beach before heading back to enjoy what you’ve gathered as part of a sensational multi-course spread.

Ultra-Remote Dining

Food trends that take you to the most remote places in the world to eat amidst sheer and pure beauty are trends that can’t be ignored. Like dining in the magma chamber of an Icelandic volcano, for instance. You can feast inside the Thrinhnukagigur Volcano located on Iceland’s Southern Peninsula.

The volcano might be dormant, but it’s still a thrill to trek into the cavernous chamber that local guides say is as large as 3 full-size basketball courts and vast enough to hold the Statue of Liberty lying on her side. It’s all yours for a gastro journey designed completely by you to suit your tastes and expectations for the experience.

Dinners in the Sky

Elevated about 160 feet into the air, hanging over the Mexican ruins at Teotihuacán or the glimmering skyline of downtown Los Angeles, eating becomes a heightened affair. Companies like Dinner in the Sky set up hoisted dinner parties for up to 22 diners, in jaw-dropping locales across 40 cities worldwide.

Look down on the Acropolis as you savor the flavors of a 5-course meal. Try to keep your adrenaline in check or embrace it while realizing moments like this are what all of your hard work has been for.

Exclusivity in Ancient Villages

Without all the tourists in ancient cities like Angkor Wat, you probably won’t call your visit an adventure. But, the peacefulness and serenity that take over the iconic ruins after the crowds of people have left is something else to desire. Jacada offers the opportunity to access the grounds outside of normal operating hours – for an exquisite and nearly unbelievable dining experience

Prepare for a private dining tour in a dreamy setting, and receive blessings from a Buddhist monk before you begin your first course. The Khmer-style dinner is a privilege that will cost you roughly $11,000, but experiencing the landmarks and temples in privacy and exclusivity is well worth it.

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