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The label “boutique hotel” seems to be the most buzzworthy phrase of the luxury travel industry today. And many hotels that are smaller than the grand and extravagant resorts chains are calling themselves boutique. But what does that term really mean? And why would travelers want to plan to stay in a luxury boutique hotel abroad? The answer lies in the intimate size, huge personality, modern atmosphere, quirky accents, ideal location and local favor.

Intimate Size

If you’re planning a stay in a luxury boutique hotel, don’t expect unending hallways filled with identical guest room doors. Boutique hotels are quite the opposite and pride themselves on their small size. Typically less than 100 rooms, but still larger than a bed and breakfast, boutique hotels possess an intimacy that’s missing from the large hotel chains. With the extra familiarity comes unmatched service and a staff that can take the time to get to know your name and travel preferences. It’s a difference you will notice immediately.

Huge Personality

Typically, luxury boutiques aren’t owned by major corporations, or if they are, the hotels are independently operated so they can create the personality that defines boutique hotels. Because of this independence, each hotel can react to its surroundings and develop a unique personality. Defined by the décor, staff and traditions, each boutique hotel is bounding with personality that can’t be seen anywhere else. This makes any stay more memorable and extravagant.

Modern Accents

With its individual approach, boutique hotels offer modern accents and unbeatable luxury amenities. Look for rooftop lounges that provide views, hand-crafted cocktails and unique swimming pools or hot tubs like at the Bermondsey Square Hotel in London, or luxury amenities like screening rooms, pet-friendly spaces, bike or cars that guests are free to use four touring or unmatched restaurants and bars. More than anything, though, luxury boutique hotels boast unmatched style and décor. With sophistication and modern approach, every detail throughout the hotel is stylized to fit in overall impression that the hotel gives. From the first steps into the lobby, the atmosphere of a boutique hotel is unlike any other space in the world.

Quirky Décor

With the unmatched and stylized décor is a sense of whimsy that makes each room of a boutique hotel feel unexpected. Unexpected color palettes, bold statement pieces and one-of-a-kind artwork help to define the spaces. The entire Le Plumes Hotel in Paris is decorated in a yellow, gray and purple color scheme with artwork depicting classical composers and their sheet music. The décor adds intrigue to any luxury getaway and makes guests want to explore the spaces where they are staying as much as they explore their destinations.

Ideal Placement

Because of their small size, luxury boutique hotels are able to offer guest rooms in central locations of top world destinations. This style of hotel is right at home in a converted historic home, like Wentworth Mansion in Charleston, South Carolina, as much as in a converted train station, like Velona’s Jungle in Florence, Italy. For this reason, boutique hotels offer rooms in city centers across the globe.

Local Ties

With the perfect placement within each city, boutique hotels also represent their home towns perfectly in each detail. An emphasis on place means that local art hangs on the wall and local delicacies are served in restaurants or at bars. Furnishings mimic local style or design. Guests can expect to feel saturated by their destination, in a good way, when they stay in a boutique-style hotel.

Boutique hotels are a unique and popular approach to luxury travel. Through unexpected touches, they help to craft and create an interesting and unforgettable experience, and many travelers are turning toward luxury boutique hotels as an alternative to the typical chain for their vacation accommodations.

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